How do you pay on ZipCash?

ZipCash invoices can be paid online, by mail, phone, or in person at any NTTA Customer Service Center, or at a participating Fidelty/Moneygram location or at a Regional TollTag Partner location.

How do I pay for Dallas Tollway?

How to pay ZipCash invoice

  1. Online at ZipCash Customer Service Center Portal.
  2. By Mail.
  3. Over the phone at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882) by following automated instruction.
  4. In person with the NTTA Customer Service Center.

What happens if I dont pay ZipCash?

You will need to pay the ZipCash invoice and return your account to good standing. If tolls remain unpaid, you will be subject to NTTA’s toll enforcement actions. NTTA roads (specifically, the Dallas North Tollway) should be paid off by now.

How do out of state drivers pay Texas tolls?

NTTA offers seamless travel on its roads through cashless tolling, which means drivers on North Texas roads never have to stop and pay at a toll booth. Drivers without a TollTag get a ZipCash bill in the mail from us about a month after choosing one of our roads or an area TEXpress Lane.

Is ZipCash good?

You’re in good company. In a recent survey, 96% of our customers said they were satisfied with their experience. ZipCash does not make credit decisions and is not a lender. We are a licenced credit broker and use a panel of lenders.

What happens if you don’t pay tolls in Texas?

Under Texas law, someone who fails to pay a toll may be charged with a criminal misdemeanor for toll evasion under Chapter 370.11 of the Texas Transportation Code. If found guilty, the registered owner of the vehicle can face fines of up to $250 per unpaid toll in addition to court administrative fees.

What is the difference between an EZ Tag and a TxTag?

The state’s TxTag requires you to pre-pay $20 worth of tolls. Harris County’s EZ TAG requires $40 down plus a $15 activation fee. The EZ TAG reloads your account anytime it gets down to 25 percent of your starting balance. The state allows you to use cash, credit, your bank account or a money order to load your tag.

Can you get a ticket for unpaid tolls in Texas?

Can you pay cash on Texas toll roads?

In Texas, you can pay toll using valid toll tags, cash and video tolling (post-trip) as well. But do note that not every payment method works on all the Texas toll roads, bridges and express lanes. The toll rates also vary depending on how you are paying the toll.