How do you stop Microsoft Word from not responding?

If MS Word does not respond, try shut down the app with Task Manager. Open the task manager (enter “Task Manager” in the search box or use ctrl + alt + del). Firstly, you can shut down MS Word / Office inside this application (select it, right-click and select “End task”).

What do I do when Microsoft Word is not responding when I didn’t save?

If you forgot to save Word document or your computer restarted and lost Word document, you can use the AutoRecover feature to recover unsaved Word document. Open Word, click the File tab > click Info > click Manage Document > click Recover Unsaved Documents. Then, find the unsaved Word document, click Open > Save As.

How do you unfreeze a Word document?


Why I can’t open my Microsoft Word?

You can access this by opening Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> locate Microsoft Office and select Change from the top menu. If this does not fix your issue, then you should uninstall Microsoft Office and perform a fresh install. More information on Microsoft Office uninstall and reinstall can be found here.

How do you unfreeze a document?

What to do when Microsoft Word is not responding?

After opening the Word application in Safe mode. The next thing to do to resolve Microsoft Word not responding is to disable the incompatible add-ins that cause Microsoft freezing, crashing, or not responding errors. Open Word file which is still in the safe mode to fix Word not responding. Click the File tab and then select Options.

Why does Microsoft Word not open in safe mode?

Now, press and hold the Ctrl key, and double-click on the Microsoft Office Word to open it. If the above process successfully opens your Word application in Safe mode then, the problem is not related to the Word file corruption but is due to the add-ins, which can be easily fixed using method 2.

What’s the best way to fix MS Word?

Method 2: In the Command prompt window. Go to command prompt and then use the /safe option before you launch the MS Word program. After disabling all the add-ons exit the program to stop User-Initiated Safe mode and then start it again normally.