How do you withdraw paper from easy chair?

Withdrawing the submission: select Withdraw to withdraw the submission. At the end of the submission procedure (a new submission or an update of an old one), you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected].

How do I assign a paper to reviewers on EasyChair?

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How do you use an easy chair?

Page 1EasyChair Instructions.Access the EasyChair Log in Page: gi? Step 1: Enter text in text field. Step 2: Enter First and Last Name and. Sample. You should see this page Account. Last Step: Create an EasyChair Account. User Name. You should see this page Account.

What is Reviewer’s confidence?

REVIEWER CONFIDENCE (1-5) 5 = Positive that my evaluation is correct. 2 = Willing to defend my evaluation, but it is fairly likely that I missed some details, didn’t understand some central points, or can’t be sure about the novelty of the work. 1 = Not my area, or paper is very hard to understand.

What does weak accept mean?

Many conferences use a reviewing system that ranks papers as “Accept”, “Weak Accept”. That might mean that the conference is small or, as the comment suggests, that the conference is of lower quality.