How does a grounded-grid amplifier work?

The real grounded-grid amplifier is a simple affair: the grid is grounded, if not directly to ground, at least AC “grounded” via a capacitor to ground; the cathode receives the input signal, either directly or via a resistor or capacitor or coil; and the output is taken at the plate, in the same as it is in the …

What is a grounded-grid amplifier?

An amplifier with the input applied between the cathode and grid and the output between the anode and grid is called a grounded-grid amplifier. The grid RF reference point, which is the chassis ground, is the common reference for both input and output power.

What is the maximum screen voltage for the 4CX250B?

6.0 volts
The 4CX250B/7203 has a maximum plate dissipation rating of 250 watts and a maxi- mum input power rating of 500 watts. The 4CX250B/7203 is designed to operate with a heater voltage of 6.0 volts. With a history of producing high quality products, we can help you with your tetrode.

What is the purpose of a filament choke in the filament of a triode grounded-grid amplifier?

The Bifilar Choke isolates the Cathode / Filament from the Filament transformer, as well as aids in preventing RFAC from entering the DC circuit from its feed point at C1. are preferred. 3. C1 is the Cathode capacitor.

How many volts are in a 4CX250B amplifier?

A small replacement transformer rated at 350 volts each side of center at 50 ma, 6-3 v at 4 amp and with a 1)5 v primary is used to furnish bias and screen voltages, The 6,3 volt winding becomes the primary and is connected to phase A at the center tap point of this transformer. The 115 voll winding becomes the bias source.

Can a 1cx250b be used as a grounded grid?

The 1CX250B tube is not suitable for regular grounded grid operation (that is? with the control and screen grids both grounded), for screen and grid currents will run too high and ruin the tube, But they work fine as tetrodes with drive applied to the cathode, the grid grounded and the screen at about 350 volts.

What should the screen current be on a 4CX250B?

The screen current is 50 to 60 ma at 350 volts. This current should not be exceeded; if it is too high, increase loading. If the current is too low or negative reduce loading. These readings are with full carrier. The side view of the linear shows the 4CX250B ‘s mounted horrzontalfy with the blower fastened to the back of the cabinet.

How many Watts Does a 4CX250B / 7203 heater have?

The 4CX250B/7203 has a maximum plate dissi- pation rating of 250 watts and a maximum input power rating of 500 watts. The 4CX250B/7203 is designed to operate with a heater voltage of 6.0 volts.