How does Curado DC work?

It contains a digitally controlled braking system. A computer chip inside the reel controls the centrifugal brakes. The chip can make 1000 adjustments per second. While the Curado DC is not an cheap reel, it’s much more affordable than other computer controlled baitcasting reels.

What is SVS braking system?

Shimano’s newest innovation in brake system technology, SVS Infinity provides easy-to-manage, consistent spool control and brake force. With brake weights that use inner friction against the raceway during the cast, SVS Infinity controls spool speed for precision casting especially when using lighter lures.

Where is the Shimano Curado K made?

The new reel looks quite different than what you probably imagine a Curado should look like, and rumors are that Shimano Japan played a much greater role in the reel’s design than the last few generations….

Shimano Curado 200K Specifications
Line Capacity (lb/yds) 8/180, 10/155, 14/110
Origin Malaysia
MSRP $179.99

How often should you oil your Baitcaster?

How often should you oil your spinning reel? If you fish a lot, aim to oil your spinning reel after every second or third fishing trip (or at least once a week). If you don’t fish a lot, oiling it once a month is fine.

What is the brake for on a baitcaster?

The braking system on a baitcasting reel is designed to regulate the spool’s rotation during your cast, similar to how the brakes in your car work against your tires. “If you add more brakes to your reel when you cast, it’s going to provide a little bit more resistance on that spool,” Conlon says.

Why is it called a spinning reel?

Spinning (fixed-spool) reel. Spinning reels, also called fixed spool reels or egg beaters, were in use in North America as early as the 1870s. They were originally developed to allow the use of artificial flies, or other lures for trout or salmon, that were too light in weight to be easily cast by bait casting reels.

What does DC stand for in Shimano reels?

digitally controlled
The thing that makes this reel different is that “DC” stands for “digitally controlled.” It has an internal microcomputer that adjusts your brakes as necessary every 1/1000 of a second to customize your casting.