How far is K2 from base camp?

90 kilometres
K2 base camp trek distance is 90 kilometres, which involves daily trekking of 6-7 hours from Askole village. K2 trek Complete distance breakdown is below.

Can you trek to K2 base camp?

The K2 base camp trek takes 14 days in total (up and down), and starts in the village of Askole. Once away from this small green oasis, the mighty Karakoram doesn’t take long to reveal its beauty. Serrated summits and towering cliffs rear up either side of the wide valleys.

How hard is it to hike to K2 base camp?

K2 Base Camp Trek

  • Grade: Strenuous. Suitable for fit individuals who have regular experience of mountain walking. Strenuous.
  • Duration: 22 days from the UK.
  • On Trek: 15 days.

How many base camps does K2 have?

K2 Base Camp Trek (2021-22) – 21 days

K2 Gondogoro La Circuit (21 days) – ALL INCLUSIVE US$1,990
K2 Gondogoro La Circuit (14 days) – TREK ONLY US$1,590
Four 8,000m Base Camps (24 days) – ALL INCLUSIVE US$2,590
Four 8,000m Base Camps (17 days) – TREK ONLY US$2,190
Five 8,000m Base Camps Trek – (29 days) – ALL INCLUSIVE US$2,990

How high is Everest Base Camp meters?

5600 metres
Everest Base Camp perched on the Khumbu Glacier at the foot of Everest is at an altitude of 5600 metres which is reached over a period of nine days with two complete rest days enroute. In terms of acclimatisation profile it is very feasible as long as you don’t go too fast.

How much does it cost to get to K2 base camp?

If you are looking for experienced and reputable Pakistani companies for K2 base camp treks, they cost around USD 2500 (full board/land only – minus international flights) for foreigners. Services are same as the western companies. You get to save at least US$1000 here.

Can Indians trek K2?

To climb K2 from the Pakistani side, it is necessary to apply for permission from the Ministry of Tourism in Islamabad. K2 is approximately 50 Km. from Indian boarder so you will be required to travel with a Pakistani Army “Liaison Officer” (L.O.), and each expedition would provide his allowances & equipment etc.

How much does it cost to reach Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Cost Estimated Value
Equipment $200-$500
Tour Operators $1300-$1600
Miscellaneous Costs $200
Total Costs $2500-$3500

How expensive is it to climb K2?

K2 Expedition 2021-22 (Karakoram)

Mountain/Peak Basic Service Full Service
K2 Expedition (52 days) US$16,990 US$32,900
Nanga Parbat Expedition (43 days) US$9,900 US$21,500
Gasherbrum I Expedition (46 days) US$8,900 US$21,900
Broad Peak Expedition (52 days) US$11,500 US$22,500

Which is the best part of K2 Base Camp trek?

K2 base camp trek mainly involves walking over and marching along the world’s 5th longest non-polar glacier i.e. Baltoro glacier (63 km). At the end of Baltoro glacier is Concordia which is known as “Throne Room of Mountain Gods”. It is the supreme point for views of K2 (world’s second tallest mountain) and other mighty peaks above 8000 m.

Which is the best route to Everest Base Camp?

There are many routes for the Everest Base Camp trek. This Everest Base Camp trek detailed map provides you with the best possible route for the trek. You can use this map of trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp to plan your trek in advance and enjoy your trek without any hassle.

How to hike K2 base camp in Pakistan?

The K2 base camp trek in Pakistan is one of the great hikes on earth. Trekkers follow a rocky trail that winds up the mighty Baltoro Glacier, passing through a colossal amphitheater of sky-scraping summits – including seven of the 19 highest mountains on the planet – en route to the base of the world’s second highest peak. Feet twitching?

Which is the best Base Camp trek in Pakistan?

The K2 Base Camp Trek is the best multi-day trek the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan you can find. If you are thinking of doing the trek to K2 Base Camp, you probably have read about the Everest Base Camp Trek as well.