How high is Mount Pilatus in Switzerland?

Mount Pilatus/Elevation

What is Mount Pilatus known for?

Even today Pilatus is a source of mystical discoveries and is home to places of natural beauty that are steeped in legend and lore. The mountain can be reached from Lucerne by gondola lift and aerial cable car and from Alpnachstad with the world’s steepest rack-railroad.

Is Mount Pilatus worth visiting?

Pilatus. It is definitely worth seeing and doing. It was one of my favorite places I visited in Switzerland.

Is Mount Pilatus named after Pontius Pilate?

Pilatus is no exception. As per a popular story, Pilatus, standing tall at 2132 m south west of Lucerne, was named after the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate whose dead body was discarded into a lake on top and it therefore is apparently haunted.

What is better Titlis or Pilatus?

Titlis is more mountainous and has better views to the west. Pilatus has a great view of Lucerne and a beautiful and easy walk down.

Is Pilatus free with Swiss Pass?

Yes, Mt. Pilatus is free with the Swiss Travel pass – click here to see all that is covered by the Swiss Travel Pass. If you have a Swiss Travel Pass you can order for free the Swiss Family Card at the same time. This will cover your kids on all routes completely (even if you have to pay a partial amount).

How much does it cost to go up Mount Pilatus?


Adults Children (6-15.99) / half-fare card/GA*
Kriens/Alpnachstad–Pilatus Kulm–Kriens/Alpnachstad 72.00 36.00
Kriens–Krienseregg–Kriens** 20.00 10.00
Kriens–Fräkmüntegg–Kriens** 40.00 20.00
Krienseregg–Fräkmüntegg–Krienseregg** 20.00 10.00

Which is better Mt Titlis or Mt Pilatus?

Titlis is more mountainous and has better views to the west. Pilatus has a great view of Lucerne and a beautiful and easy walk down. I would do one, not both, and spend the other day exploring Lucerne. And I would only go up if the weather were clear.

What is the meaning of Pilatus?

Pilatus. / (German piˈlaːtʊs) / noun. a mountain in central Switzerland, in Unterwalden canton: derives its name from the legend that the body of Pontius Pilate lay in a former lake on the mountain.

What happened to Pontius Pilate after he crucified Jesus?

According to some traditions, the Roman emperor Caligula ordered Pontius Pilate to death by execution or suicide. By other accounts, Pontius Pilate was sent into exile and committed suicide of his own accord. Some traditions assert that after he committed suicide, his body was thrown into the Tiber River.

How do I get to Mount Pilatus?

There are four options to get to the top of Mt. Pilatus: by hiking, by cableway, by cogwheel railway, or by a round trip ride on the cogwheel train, cableway, and boat.

How long does it take to visit Mt Pilatus from Lucerne?

It takes 30 minutes to climb to the top of Pilatus with an average gradient of 48°. Wow! You can combine the cogwheel railway and cable car route into one round trip journey.

Where is the Pilatus mountain in Lucerne Switzerland?

Location in Switzerland. Pilatus (also often referred to Mount Pilatus) is a mountain massif overlooking Lucerne in Central Switzerland. It is composed of several peaks, of which the highest (2,128 m (6,982 ft)) is named Tomlishorn and is located about 1.3 km (0.81 mi) to the southeast of the top cable car and cog railway station.

How long does it take to get to Mount Pilatus from Zurich?

From Zurich to Mount Pilatus (Alpnachstad): To travel to Mount Pilatus from Zurich the train will take 1.5 hours while driving in a car will take one hour. From Lucerne to Mount Pilatus (Alpnachstad): To travel to Mount Pilatus from Lucerne is even shorter with just a 15-minute car ride or 25-minutes on the train.

What kind of people hike the Pilatus trail?

Hiking for families, groups, alpine hikers and senior citizens . Everyone enjoys hiking the Pilatus. It is a fascinating journey of discovery. The paths range from easy to alpine, thus offering appropriate routes for families, schools, senior citizens, groups and nature lovers.

How tall is the highest peak of Mount Pilatus?

From the summit, you can venture a little higher to Mount Tomlishorn, which is another stunning view and the highest peak in the region at 2,128 meters. There are many routes up to the peaks and I will detail how we made it to Mount Pilatus and Tomlishorn in this blog post.