How is pitta Kapha treated?

Favor cool over warm or hot. Nourishing & light food must take precedence over dense or heavy food items. Dry food over liquid help curb pitta dosha. Mild drinks like fresh juices over hard ones like alcohol or caffeine based drinks work as a wonderful example of pitta pacifying foods.

What is pitta Kapha body type?

Being a pitta-kapha type means that two doshas are predominant in your constitution. It is usually best to manage a dual dosha prakriti according to the season. In general, as a pitta-kapha, follow a pitta-pacifying regimen during the late spring and summer seasons especially when the weather is hot.

What foods should pitta avoid?


  • KEEP AWAY FROM FOODS THAT INCREASE PITTA: these foods are pungent, sour, salty or too hot.
  • FRUITS: sour fruits, such as apples, grapefruit, lemons, dried fruit.
  • VEGETABLES: aubergines, garlic, radishes, tomatoes, onions.
  • GRAINS: buckwheat, millet, corn.

What time should pitta Kapha wake up?

Wake Up Early in the Morning Sunrise varies according to the seasons, but on average vata people should get up about 6 a.m., pitta people by 5:30 a.m., and kapha by 4:30 a.m. Right after waking, look at your hands for a few moments, then gently move them over your face and chest down to the waist.

What foods should Kapha avoid?

Finally, the kapha dosha limits heavy foods like nuts, seeds, and oils in favor of fruits, veggies, and legumes. Red meat, artificial sweeteners, and processed ingredients are limited for all three doshas. Instead, the Ayurvedic diet encourages eating healthy whole foods.

What is the best medicine for pitta?

Coriander is a tridoshic herb that can be used to balance all three doshas. A regular intake of a mixture of Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki in moderation effectively balances all three doshas, especially pitta and kapha. Have this mixture twice a day in a glass of warm milk.

What should Kapha avoid?


  • STAY AWAY FROM FOODS THAT INCREASE KAPHA: These are foods that are sour, salty, sweet, oily or very high in protein.
  • FRUITS: pineapple, bananas, dates, generally very sweet and sour fruits.

What foods should pitta Kapha avoid?


Dosha Foods to eat Foods to avoid
Pitta light, cold, sweet, and energizing foods (e.g., fruits, non-starchy vegetables, oats, eggs) heavy, spicy, and sour foods (e.g., red meat, potatoes, hot spices)

Which food is good for pitta?

Sweet, juicy fruits, especially pears, can cool a fiery Pitta quickly. Milk, sweet rice pudding, coconut, and coconut juice, and milkshakes made with ripe mangoes and almonds or dates are examples of soothing Pitta-pacifying foods.

What foods should kapha avoid?

Can kapha eat yogurt?

Yogurt is mainly for vata types and should be used with care by pitta or kapha (fiery or watery) types, although pitta can handle sweet yogurt. The more sour the yogurt, the more it can aggravate acidity and make the blood toxic. Sweet yogurt is better.

How can I reduce my kapha immediately?


  1. STAY AWAY FROM FOODS THAT INCREASE KAPHA: These are foods that are sour, salty, sweet, oily or very high in protein.
  2. FRUITS: pineapple, bananas, dates, generally very sweet and sour fruits.
  3. VEGETABLES: sweet and juicy varieties of vegetable, cucumbers, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes.

What to look for in a Pitta Kapha diet?

When planning an Ayurvedic pitta-kapha diet, we look at 3 important qualities or characteristics of food – Rasa or taste, Virya or energy, and Vipaka or post-digestive effect. Understanding this Ayurvedic classification of food and your unique doshic makeup will allow you to make informed dietary choices.

What foods can you eat with pitta aggravation?

In case of pitta aggravation, you can increase consumption of sweet tasting foods, while you can use sour and pungent tastes to pacify kapha. Since pitta and kapha have contrasting qualities of heat and cold, foods should be consumed at a moderate, temperature; neither too hot, nor too cold.

What kind of porridge is good for Pitta Kapha?

Other good breakfast options for a pitta-kapha constitution include warm oatmeal porridge with cardamom, cinnamon, and berries.

When is the best time to add Kapha to your diet?

For example, summer is associated with pitta aggravation, which is why you would tweak your diet to favor more foods that pacify pitta. On the other hand, kapha pacifying foods should be increased during the cold and wet months of winter, maybe extending to early spring.