How long does it take for Xypex to work?

For concrete structures that hold liquids (e.g. swimming pools, reservoirs, wet wells, tanks, etc.), Xypex should be cured for three days and then allowed to set for 12 days before filling the structure with liquid.

What is Xypex used for?

Xypex is a unique chemical treatment for the waterproofing and protection of concrete. Among its many uses, Xypex is suitable for waterproofing reservoirs, sewage and water treatment tanks, tunnels, manholes, underground vaults, foundation walls and parking decks.

Can Xypex be applied over paint?

In most circumstances paint, epoxy coatings, cement parge coats, plaster and stucco can be applied over a Xypex coating. For further information concerning the interface of the Xypex coating with paint and other finishing materials, consult with a Xypex Technical Services Representative. Yes.

How do you mix Xypex concentrate?

Using a trowel, mix one part clean water with six parts Xypex Concentrate powder by volume for 10 – 15 seconds. Lumps should be present in this mixture. Do not mix more than can be applied in 20 minutes.

Does xypex really work?

Yes. By blocking the intrusion of water into concrete, Xypex helps protect the concrete from the damaging effect of repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Yes. By preventing the intrusion of water, salt water, sewage, and most chemicals, Xypex helps protect reinforcing steel against oxidation and deterioration.

What is crystalline waterproofing?

Crystalline waterproofing is a technology that involves the development of crystals to help achieve watertight concrete structures. | Penetrates concrete, seals capillaries & hairline cracks, & remains waterproof even if surfaces are damaged​.

What is negative side waterproofing?

Called negative-side waterproofing, this technique involves applying product to the dry or inside face of the surface. Negative side waterproofing prevents water from entering occupied space, but it does not prevent water from entering the substrate.

Does Xypex really work?

How effective is xypex?

Xypex Crystalline Technology is excellent for reducing the water permeability of concrete and for the healing of leaking, non-moving cracks and joints in concrete structures. Xypex crystals will bridge most non-moving cracks up to 0.4 mm (1/64”).

What is the waterproofing admixture?

Waterproofing admixtures are porous materials that have the ability to absorb water and water-borne contaminants. Hydrophobic and pore blocking ingredients react with products of the cement hydration process to produce a hydrophobic material which resists external water, decreasing absorption into the concrete.

How many coats of Drylok should I do?

Just as with a thorough paint job, proper application of DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer requires two coats. Dry times vary based on temperature and humidity, but it typically takes at least four hours for the product to dry.

Will Drylok stop efflorescence?

While DRYLOK® Etch will remove efflorescence and help prevent it from reoccurring, understand that efflorescence comes from salt deposits found in the block itself and can reoccur at any time.

How is xypex concentrate used in waterproofing?

Concentrate Xypex Concentrate is the most chemically active product within the Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing System. When mixed with water, this light grey powder is applied as a cementitious slurry coat to above-grade or below-grade concrete, either as a single coat or as the first of a two-coat application.

When did they start using xypex for concrete?

In 1969, Xypex fundamentally changed and improved the approach to concrete waterproofing and protection, introducing Xypex Crystalline Technology, a chemistry designed to work within the concrete itself instead of simply on its surface. The Xypex family of products evolved around varied

Can you use xypex modified for dampproofing concrete?

Applied as a second coat, Xypex Modified chemically reinforces Xypex Concentrate where two coats are required and produces a harder finish. Where dampproofing is required, a single coat of Modified may be used as an alternative to a spray/tar emulsion.

What do you need to know about xypex additives?

Xypex Additive products, added to the concrete at time of batching, are part of the Xypex concrete waterproofing and protection system and represent one of three different ways to install Xypex Crystalline Technology into concrete.