How long should App Store description be?

4.000 characters
App store descriptions are limited to a maximum of 4.000 characters and can be disapproved by Moderators if they find out you stuffed it with app store keywords. Make sure that you eliminate all errors in your copy, keep it as natural as possible and don’t falsify any information or testimonials.

Can you have same name on App Store?

4 Answers. Two iOS apps currently can not have the same App store name (as entered in iTunes Connect), nor the same bundle ID suffix. They can, however, have the same name under the icon (the Bundle Display Name as entered in the app’s plist).

What is subtitle App Store?

The app store subtitle is the caption below the app store title as it appears throughout the app stores on all different placements. These include top charts, category charts, search results, and the product page. The subtitles in the app stores can be up to 30 characters long.

How many keywords can you have in the app store?

3. How to optimize your App Store keyword field – Best Practices. The other very important app indexing keywords component is the App Store Connect Keyword Field allowing you to include a set of 100-character keywords. The given space is quite reduced so you need to make sure to choose your keywords wisely.

Can you copy an app name?

Copyright does not protect the name of an application. Instead, that can be done via Trademark protection. Trademarks are specific to individual countries. They can be established by simply using the name in commerce, that is by selling the product or advertising it for sale.

Do iOS app names have to be unique?

Apps do indeed have to have unique names. If a desired name isn’t available, developers commonly solve the problem by adding a bit of description to the name, making it unique, e.g. “SuperText – Text Editor for Geeks” when “SuperText” isn’t available.

How do you select keywords for the App Store?

Choose accurate keywords Keywords are limited to 100 characters, so it’s important to be concise when describing your app. While spaces should not be used before or after the commas that separate keywords and keyword phrases, you can use spaces to separate words within keyword phrases.

How do I change my app store description?

Changes will reflect on the App Store within 24 hours.” Click My Apps. In the left hand menu, click on the x Ready For Sale….In order to do this, from within your App in iTunes Connect you must:

  1. Select the specific app version (left sidebar)
  2. Update the description field.
  3. Don’t forget to click Save!

How do I optimize keywords in the app store?

Here are some tricks I’ve learned over the past years to get the most out of your App Name and Keywords fields.

  1. Don’t use spaces, use commas.
  2. Cut connector and stop words.
  3. Don’t use names for numbers, use digits.
  4. Don’t repeat keywords.
  5. Consider using plurals and typos for languages other than English.

How do you find keywords in the app store?

Go to App Annie, for example, and type in your competitor’s app. Navigate to the “Keywords (ASO)” tab and you’ll see data on which keywords they’re ranking highly for. Expert Tip: As you write down your keywords, make sure to include plural versions of each word.

Is cloning app illegal?

It is very much the same with mobile apps and games. It’s only illegal if it copies assets and code from the original game. In the true legal sense, a clone or a fake is only truly illegal if it copies the assets and code directly from another app or game. We call them clones, but we use it as a slang term.

Is it legal to copy an app?

Legally, there’s not a lot you can do about it: Copyright protects your icon, images, other creative resources, and source code. You automatically have copyright protection, but it’s easy to evade with minor variations. 1 App stores don’t enforce it easily unless resources have been copied exactly.

Is there a limit to the length of an iOS app title?

The best way to test this, is with the iOS Simulator. So as an answer to your question: There is not a real limit as it depends on character length, device width and iOS version…

How to limit the number of characters in an app?

To select which keywords to include so that the translations will fit the length limit: 1. Select the target language 2. Select which keywords you would like to include 3. Our word count tool will help you calculate the combined word count automatically. Modify your combination until it falls below 100 characters.

What is the maximum length for an Android application name?

The limit is 50 characters. It does not become two word long as you say but gets wrapped around and possibly get clipped. There is no limit per-se on the application name size however beyond a certain length it would ellipsize on the device.

Are there limits to how many characters you can put in a description?

Unlike the actual 4,000 characters description part that translators have more buffer and variations (e.g. twisting the sentence structure) to cut down the word-count, sometimes it is impossible to not exceed the length limits if the translator has to keep all the original keywords that are included in the English copy.