How long should you give a guy to respond?

Post Senning’s general rule is to not wait longer than one to three hours to reply, he tells TI. “A text conversation can go stale in a few hours,” he says. “Don’t just make them wait.” If you’re crushing on someone, don’t play mind games, he says.

What does it mean when someone takes a long time to text you back?

Context of the message “Whether the text is from close friends or not, or if they say something that you don’t know how to answer or you don’t really know how to continue the conversation, then you’ll probably take a longer time to reply,” he said.

Why does he take hours to reply?

They’re Busy Or Overwhelmed Taking a while to respond to your texts could also mean your SO is busy with work or school. “Delays in returning your text message may mean nothing. Your partner could be with a client, driving a car, or tied up in an important meeting,” Winter says.

Is it rude to take days to respond to a text?

According to their study messaging etiquette says waiting more than 20 minutes to respond can be seen as rude. “After sending a message, the sender experiences increasing anxiety while waiting for a response; a late response can feel like a snub or an indicator of your importance to the receiver.”

What do guys think when you don’t text back?

10 Things Guys Think When You Don’t Text Them Back

  • She better be dead.
  • Don’t send a follow-up text don’t send a follow-up text don’t send a follow-up text.
  • Maybe she didn’t get my text?
  • Is this a mind game?
  • Screw this, I’m just going to do whatever.
  • Oh, I have a text, maybe it’s from her.

What to text a guy who ignored you?

Texts to be sent to someone who’s ignoring you

  • 01/6Texts to be sent to someone who’s ignoring you.
  • 02/6“Are you alright?
  • 03/6“I’m here for you whenever you want to talk”
  • 04/6“I’m sad that we aren’t talking right now”
  • 05/6“So this happened today…”
  • 06/6“I’m sorry and I respect your space”

Is no response the best response?

By not responding, you are getting your message across. By not responding, you’re giving a perfectly good response, and sometimes, it’s the best response to give.

How make him crazy about you?

It sounds simple, but making and holding eye contact with a guy can give him just enough encouragement to take an interest in you.

  1. When you’re talking to him, make sure that you maintain eye contact.
  2. You can even use eye contact to drive him crazy when you’re standing on opposite sides of the room.

What to text him to make him obsessed?

Sweet texts to make him obsess over you….

  • “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all day.”
  • “I can’t wait until the time comes when I can wake up next to you every day.”
  • “I love telling my friends and coworkers about how awesome you are.”
  • “Hey, I remember you told me you had a big meeting today.

How long does it take for a guy to reply to a text?

5. He texts back right away sometimes…and other time it takes him, like, 12 hours All is forgiven if he starts his conversation after 12 hours with something like, “Sorry, I was doing so and so. What’s up?”

What should I do if I text someone and they don’t reply?

Considering how little time it takes to text someone back, it should never take more than a day to text someone. If it does, there should be an apology or at least a sort of recognition about how long it took to reply. Just like there are rules for dining, there are rules for texting. Look it up!

Why does it take so long for someone to Text Me Back?

By taking a century to text me back, he’s basically acting like a typical jerk and that’s not cute. I get it—he’s setting boundaries, he doesn’t want me to be bugging him all day and he wants to have the upper hand in the interaction.

Can a grown man respond to a text?

He definitely could have responded then. Even when I’m super busy, I still have a few minutes at the end of the day to catch up on notifications. 7. A grown man should be able to multi-task. I don’t know why some guys act like they can’t text and do anything else at the same time.