How many 707s are still flying?

After suspending its scheduled passenger service in April 2013, Saha continued to operate a small fleet of 707s on behalf of the Iranian Air Force. As of 2019, only a handful of 707s remain in operation, acting as military aircraft for aerial refueling, transport, and AWACS missions.

Are any DC-8 still flying?

As of May 2021, four DC-8s remain in commercial service, with three operating for Trans Air Cargo Service and one with CFS Air Cargo. Based in Lima, Peru, Skybus Cargo Charters lists three DC-8-70s in its fleet. Its Air operator’s certificate was issued in August 2016.

What was the range of a DC-8?

4,800 km
Douglas DC-8/Range

Did the DC-8 go supersonic?

The day a Douglas DC-8 busted Mach 1. On August 21, 1961, pilot William Magruder, copilot Paul Patten, flight engineer Joseph Tomich, and flight test engineer Richard H. The aircraft exceeded Mach 1—the only intentional supersonic flight by an airliner other than the Concorde and the Tu-144.

Which airlines still fly dc10?

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

DC-10 / MD-10
First flight August 29, 1970
Introduction August 5, 1971 with American Airlines
Status In limited cargo service only
Primary users FedEx Express 10 Tanker Air Carrier TAB Cargo Orbis International

How fast is a dc8?

946 km/h
Douglas DC-8/Top speed

Can a Boeing 747 fly supersonic?

No. The Boeing 747 was not designed for supersonic flight, though during testing, it was pushed quite close to the sonic speed: Tom Cole, a spokesman at Boeing Commercial Airplane Co., said original flight tests of 747s conducted in 1969 and 1970 took 747-100 models to speeds of Mach 0.99.

Which is better the 707 or the DC8?

The 60 series DC8 was probably better than any 707, however, while Douglas was busy perfecting the DC8, Boeing was busy building the 747. The DC8 was a little too late to be much of a threat to Boeing.

What was the first commercial order for a Boeing 707?

Operational history. The first commercial orders for the 707 came on October 13, 1955, when Pan Am committed to 20 Boeing 707s and 25 Douglas DC-8s, dramatically increasing their passenger capacity (in available revenue passenger seat-miles per hour/per day) over its existing fleet of propeller aircraft.

What kind of engine does the Boeing 707 have?

The 707 uses engine-driven turbocompressors to supply compressed air for cabin pressurization. On many commercial 707s, the outer port (number 1) engine mount is distinctly different from the other three, as this engine is not fitted with a turbocompressor.

How many engines does a Douglas DC-8 have?

The DC-8 is a low-wing jetliner with a swept wing and four engines Douglas secretly began jet transport project definition studies in mid-1952.