How many amps does a RC glow plug draw?

At 1.2-1.5v, most glow plugs pull 3 amps to glow properly; some cooler plugs will tolerate higher voltage – up to 2v. Nickel based rechargeables can discharge more current at once compared to alkaline disposables.

What is a glow plug igniter?

The glow plug igniter is used to heat the glow plug so it can ignite the fuel-air mixture within the engine and begin internal combustion. The glow igniter is only used to start the engine, and is removed once the engine is running. Top Fuel is available in quarts and gallons, in a range of nitromethane percentages.

How long do RC glow plugs last?

If you use your RC car once a week the glow plug will likely need replaced once every couple of months. If you use your nitro RC car less often than that then it might not need replaced for 6 months to a year.

How many amps do glow plugs pull?

The current can be determined from Ohm’s law, i.e. or 29.2 Amp for 4 glow plugs.

How many watts is a diesel glow plug?

Several online parts stores list them as being 200 watt plugs, but the nominal voltage they list varies from 10.4 to 12, giving anywhere between 16.7 and 19.2 amps, or 116.7 and 153.8 total system current.

How long do you charge a glow plug igniter?

The charger can charge (at a 170mAh charge rate) the included Ni-Cd battery (1800mAh) of the glow igniter in approximately 15 hours if the battery is fully discharged. Initial charging will take about 12 hours and recharging will require slightly less time, depending on the amount the battery is discharged.

What’s the voltage of a simply glow starter?

Most plugs will run at about a quarter scale but I’ve had some where the needle is almost full scale to get them hot enough. A simply glow starter is a single NiCd/NiMH battery with a voltage of 1.2V nominal (typically 1.4-1.5V when fully charged).

Where to find glow plug voltage and current?

Go to the drop-down menu bar in the lower left corner of the Waveform Library window and select glow plug current or glow plug voltage. Glow plugs support diesel fuel combustion and emissions control processes.

What kind of battery does simply glow use?

A simply glow starter is a single NiCd/NiMH battery with a voltage of 1.2V nominal (typically 1.4-1.5V when fully charged). No resistors needed if that’s what you use. Don’t try to use a very small battery or it won’t give enough current.

How does the glow plug work while running?

Post heat: the glow plug temperature is regulated via PWM whilst the engine is running. This helps to reduce engine cold running noise and emissions. The post heat run time can vary greatly as it depends on a variety of environmental factors, the engine conditions, and the system design.