How many daily newspapers are there in Bangladesh?

As per the disclosure of the Information Minister at the National Parliament in January 2018, there are 3,025 registered print media in Bangladesh and 1,191 of them are daily newspapers. Of the dailies, 470 are based in the capital city, Dhaka.

Which is the best Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh?

The Daily Prothom Alo
1. The Daily Prothom Alo. In terms of circulation, The Daily Prothom Alo is the largest newspaper in Bangladesh. It is published in the Bengali language and read by half a million people every day.

How many online newspapers are there in Bangladesh?

There are more than 10,000 online media is sustain like a small country named Bangladesh.

How many English newspapers are there in Bangladesh?

40 English dailies
Currently, there are 1,277 daily newspapers published in Bangladesh. Among them, 218 are national Bangla dailies, 293 are regional Bangla dailies, and 40 English dailies.

Which is the first newspaper in Bangladesh?

The Azad (Bengali: আজাদ) was a Bengali-language daily newspaper published from 1936 to 1992. The Azad became Dhaka’s first daily newspaper….The Azad.

Front page on 21 January 1969
Type Daily newspaper
Founder(s) Mohammad Akram Khan
Founded 1936
Language Bengali

What different types of newspaper are there in Bangladesh?

English-language newspapers

Newspaper name Founded Editor
The Daily Star 14 January 1991 Mahfuz Anam
Financial Express (Bangladesh) 1993 Shahiduzzaman Khan
Daily Sun (Bangladesh) 23 October 2010 Enamul Hoque Chowdhury
The Daily Observer 1 February 2011 Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury

Is Bangladesh newspaper online?

Though Prothom Alo has a paid package for their online e-paper version, but Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, The Daily Ittefaq, Kaler Kantho, Daily Inqilab, Manab Zamin, Samakal, Naya Diganta and many other newspapers offer e-paper to read free in online.

How can I read my daily newspaper online?

To read newspapers online for free, search for newspaper websites and online archives of newspapers….Websites that contain searchable newspaper archives include:

  2. GenealogyBank.
  5. Newspaper Archive.

Which is the best English online newspaper?

List of Top 10 Best English Newspapers in India With Price

  • Click to Read Times of India E-edition / E-paper.
  • Click to Read Hindustan Times E-edition / E-paper.
  • Click to Read Indian Express E-edition / E-paper.
  • Click to Read The Statesman E-edition / E-paper.
  • Click to Read The Telegraph E-edition / E-paper.

What was the first newspaper in the world?

The `Relation’ is recognized by the World Association of Newspapers, as well as many authors, as the world’s first newspaper. The German Relation was published in Strasbourg, which had the status of an imperial free city in the holy Roman empire of the German nation.

Where is Bangladesh country?

Southern Asia
Bangladesh is a country in Southern Asia and is located on the Bay of Bengal bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma. Bangladesh has flat plains, and most of the country is situated on deltas of large rivers flowing from the Himalayas.

How can I read a newspaper for free?