How many daycare centers are in California?

Type of Facility: (edit)

California Number
Child Care Center 10,654
Family Child Care Home 26,173
Total for Both Facility Types 36,827

Does California State require child care to be licensed?

In California, licensing of child care businesses is handled through the Child Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of the Department of Social Services (DSS). You need a license if you will be caring for children from more than one family that is not related to you.

Who governs daycares in California?

The Child Care Licensing Program
The Child Care Licensing Program provides oversight and enforcement for licensed Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes through 19 Regional Offices located throughout California.

Which agency regulates all licensed child care in California?

the State Department of Social Services
Child care centers and family day care homes in California are required to be licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the State Department of Social Services. All programs must meet the regulations specified in Title 22 of the California Administrative Code, which is based on the Health and Safety Code.

How long does it take to get a childcare license in CA?

The regulations used in licensing are taken from the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, division 6. You may obtain a copy of the regulations by calling DSS at the above number. Remember it takes time to obtain a center license. Give yourself a minimum of six months from start to finish.

Where can I get a daycare license?

Licensing: Both child-care options require at least one business license. Typically, the licensing required will be issued by a state child welfare or human services agency. In addition, a municipal government may also issue a business license to child-care centers and home day-care services.

Can you run a daycare in a rental home in California?

In California, the need for child care is considered so vital that state law gives renters the right to operate a family day-care business from the home regardless of whether their lease or rental agreement prohibits the “business use of property.” The law applies to all rentals, from single-family homes to apartments …

How much is a childcare license in California?

Every licensee must also pay a yearly licensing fee. A small family childcare home’s annual licensing fee is $73. A large family childcare home’s annual licensing fee is $140. A childcare center’s annual licensing fee is equal to one-half of the application fee.

How many adults per child are in daycare?

Ratios and Group Sizes

Your child’s age No more than this number of children per trained adult (child-to-adult ratio)
Preschooler (3–5 years) 1 trained adult should not care for more than 6–10 preschoolers
School age 1 trained adult should not care for more than 10–12 school-age children

How long does it take to get a daycare license in California?

Can a tenant run a business from my rental property?

A tenant can run a business from a residential property, however it’s important to know that as a landlord, you are within your rights to refuse permission. Though there are some stipulations, a tenant is legally allowed to run a business from a rented property with your permission in writing.

What is the phone number for Community Care Licensing?

You can receive your Community Care Licensing office’s number by dialing 916-229-4500. These offices also handle most licensing applications. Licensing staff monitor child care facilities through unannounced visits, investigate complaints, revoke licenses if necessary, and work to promote quality child care.

What is child care licensing?

Child Care Licensing Law and Legal Definition. Child care licensing is governed by state law, which varies by state. The state agency administering child care licensing is responsible for protecting the health, safety, and well being of children who attend or reside in regulated child-care facilities and homes.

What is a community care licensing?

Community Care Licensing is the state agency responsible for licensing and monitoring family child care homes and child care centers to ensure that they provide safe and healthy environments for children.

What is a child care agency?

Child-Placing Agency or Agency means any child welfare agency that places children in foster homes for temporary care or in prospective adoptive homes for adoption. Child placement or placement activity means the selection, by a person or agency other than the child’s parent or guardian,…