How many drum sets did Neil Peart have?

Variety wrote: “Widely considered one of the most innovative drummers in rock history, Peart was famous for his state-of-the-art drum kits – more than 40 different drums were not out of the norm – precise playing style and on stage showmanship.”

What happened to Neil Peart’s drum sets?

For over a decade, the drum kit remained in storage until March 1987, when Peart donated it to Modern Drummer magazine for their “Neil Peart Drumset Giveaway.” New York drummer Mark Feldman won the set and also received a signed letter from Peart; while Feldman later sold the drum kit to the current seller, the signed …

What drum set does Neil Peart use?

Eventually he chose a Ludwig Super Classic set finished in an opalescent white, with some sparkles “and just a little pink mixed in.” The company made some concert toms, including adorable 6″ x 5.5″ and 8″ x 5.5″ sizes, but Peart opted for double-headed drums all the way around when push came to shove.

How much did Neil Peart’s drum set sell for?

The drum kit played by Rush drummer Neil Peart between 1974-1977 has sold at auction for just over $500,000 (£379,000).

Who bought Neil Peart’s drums?

In ’77, Peart retired the kit and it sat in storage for a decade before it was used as a prize in Modern Drummer’s “Neil Peart Drumset Giveaway.” It was awarded to New York drummer Mark Feldman in 1987, who then sold it to the present owner, the Rhythm! Discovery Center, a drum and percussion museum in Indianapolis.

What is Geddy Lees net worth?

According to Classic Rock World, Geddy Lee’s net worth is $40 million. He predominantly made this money as the lead singer and frontman of the Canadian rock band Rush. However, he has also had a brief solo career and collaborated with other artists, and this work has also contributed to Lee’s wealth.

What is the most expensive set of drums?

The most expensive drum kit sold at auction is Ringo Starr’s Ludwig drum kit, sold at $2,100,000 (£1,395,370, €1,934,890), including premium, at Julien’s Auctions held in California, USA, on 5 December 2015.

What is the band Rush net worth?

Today, he is remembered primarily for his contributions to the rock band Rush. After joining the band in the mid-70s, Neil acted as its drummer and primary lyricist for many decades….Neil Peart Net Worth.

Net Worth: $42 Million
Nationality: Canada