How many fluent speakers of o odham?

LOCATION DESCRIPTION. Between 14,000 and 15,000 fluent speakers of all ages in Arizona, and many additional speakers in Mexico. Most Akimel O’odham speakers live on the Gila River, Salt River, and Ak Chin Reservations, in the vicinity of Phoenix.

Where is o odham spoken?

It is the 10th most-spoken indigenous language in the United States, the 3rd most-spoken indigenous language in Arizona after Western Apache and Navajo. It is the third-most spoken language in Pinal County, Arizona, and the fourth-most spoken language in Pima County, Arizona….Oʼodham language.

ELP O’odham

What tribe is Gila River?

The Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) traces its roots to the Hohokam, prehistoric Indians who lived and farmed along the Gila River Basin centuries ago. Composed of two members of tribes, the Pima and Maricopas, GRIC is located in south-central Arizona.

When was Gila River established?

Gila River Indian Reservation was established in 1859, and the Gila River Indian Community formally established by Congress in 1939. The community is home for members of both the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and the Pee-Posh (Maricopa) tribes.

How do you say hello in Tohono O odham?

If you’d like to know some easy Tohono O’odham words, “Shap kaij” (sounds a little like shop kite-ch) is a friendly greeting in Tohono O’odham.

Can you visit Gila River Indian Reservation?

Visitors can experience a variety of attractions located within our boundaries. The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa is one of the finest resorts in Indian country.

What happened to the Gila River?

The Gila was once a vibrant desert river, providing a lifeline for the riparian habitat and wildlife that depended on it in the U.S. Southwest. But population growth, agricultural withdrawals, and, increasingly, climate change have badly diminished the river and threaten its future.

Does Arizona have an Indian reservation?

Arizona is home to 22 Native American tribes that represent more than 296,000 people. A total of 20 Reservations cover more than 19,000,000 acres, ranging in size from the very large Navajo Reservation, which is the size of West Virginia or Ireland, to the small Tonto Apache Reservation that covers just over 85 acres.

Where can I find the Gila River Indian community?

News gricnews.orgis the Gila River Indian Community’s news site. The top local source for news and information, Details Gila River Indian Community Employee Email Access GRIC employee email here.

Who are the members of the Gila River City Council?

District 3: Sacaton District 4: Santan District 5: Casa Blanca District 6: Komatke District 7: Maricopa Colony Enterprises Aji Spa & Salon Gila River Casinos Gila River Indian Community Utility Authority Gila River Sand & Gravel Corp. Gila River Telecommunications Inc.

Who is the Gila River Broadcasting Corporation ( GRBC )?

Gila River Broadcasting Corporation (GRBC) Opportunities Business Lic./Tax Forms Jobs Requests for Proposals About History Location Culture Tribal Seal Water Settlement Tourism Home External Munis ESS Sign Up DISCOVER THE GILA RIVER INDIAN COMMUNITY ABOUT THE TRIBE 300 B.C. to Today > DISCOVER OUR CULTURE A Proud Heritage > Executive Branch

How is Papago pronounced in the Pima language?

Papago /ɨ/ is pronounced [ʌ] in Pima. Additionally, in common with many northern Uto-Aztecan languages, vowels and nasals at end of words are devoiced. Also, a short schwa sound, either voiced or unvoiced depending on position, is often interpolated between consonants and at the ends of words.