How many FPV GT were made?

The ultimate GT F from Ford Performance Vehicles was fitted with a 5.0-litre ‘Boss 351’ supercharged V8 producing 351kW and 570Nm, sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual. A total of 550 GT F models were made (with 50 going to NZ), and were the most powerful Falcon GTs ever sold.

How many FPV GT 335 were made?

Just like the FPV GT-F 351 that we showed you over the weekend, this FPV GT Boss 335 is the last of its kind. Ford Performance Vehicles made 350 units of the car for its final year in production, only 75 of which were made in the black and red color scheme you see here.

What is a 2012 Ford Falcon?

On display was the first production version of the F7 concept displayed at last year’s NAIAS . F7 Concept. Falcon designed and produces the carbon-fiber two-chamber intake for the LS7 engine.

Is a XR8 a FPV?

Instead, the revived XR8 will be the performance range-topper when the facelifted Falcon goes on sale late next year. Powering the car will be the same supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 currently offered by FPV. This unit is based on the engine in the Mustang GT and is supercharged to the tune of 450 horsepower.

What does FPV GTP stand for?

Ford Performance Vehicles
Ford Performance Vehicles was the Melbourne-based, premium performance arm of automobile manufacturer Ford Australia. The company produced a range of Ford-based models from 2002 to 2014 under the FPV marque name.

What does Ford FPV stand for?

What does Ford GS stand for?

Grand Sports or Giant Slayer, maybe… The FPV GS Supercharged sedan carries on a Ford tradition that goes way back to 1969 when the first GS model was introduced.

What Turbo is on a FG XR6 Turbo?

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The XR6 Turbo is powered by the I6 Turbo engine, producing 270 kW / 533 Nm.

What’s the difference between a FPV GT and RSpec?

The GT RSpec is a $5700 premium over the regular GT. FPV boss Bryan Mears says the GT won’t be built while the RSpec versions are going down the production line – and won’t commit to whether the upgrades will become a standard fit on future GT models.

What kind of engine does 2012 FPV GT your spec have?

One owner 2012 FPV R Spec GT in stunning winter white and contrasting black leather interior. Factory 335kw fitted with a Harrop Supercharger to the 5.0L V8 engine coupled with a ZF 6 speed automatic transmission GT R-Spec models also includes suspension upgrades and reinforced engine mounting points,

What kind of car is the FPV GT R?

FPV tested the US-built Ford Mustang, BMW M3s and the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to establish handling benchmarks for the car.

How much does a FPV are spec car cost?

FPV will build 350 R-Spec sedans, half of which will be available in the hero colour combination of Silhouette (black) with Vixen (red) strips, wheels and details. White, red and blue (all with black detailing) will also be available. Both manual and auto R-Spec’s cost $76 990 plus on road costs.