How many languages are spoken in Burkina?

70 languages
Description. Burkina Faso is a multilingual country. An estimated 70 languages are spoken there, of which about 66 are indigenous. French is the official language.

Do they speak Arabic in Burkina Faso?

Millions of people speak this language, which is an important trade language and is mutually intelligible with Bambara. The language uses Latin, Arabic, and the indigenous N’Ko script for writing. As of 2006, 4.4% of the population of Burkina Faso speak Dyula.

Is Burkina Faso a rich country?

Burkina Faso is a low-income Sahelian country with limited natural resources. It currently ranks 144th among 157 countries on the new human capital index established by the World Bank and 40.1% of its population lives below the national poverty line. …

What language is spoken in Liberia?

Liberia/Official languages

More than two dozen languages are spoken in Liberia. English is the official language. Predominant languages include Kpelle, Bassa, Grebo, Dan, Kru, Mano, Loma, and Mandingo (spoken by the Malinke).

Is Burkina Faso an Islamic country?

Islam in Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) has a long and varied history. According to the 2010 census, the population of the country is 61.5% Muslim. Although the vast majority of Muslims are Sunni Muslims who follow Maliki school of thought, Shia Islam and Ahmadiyya movement also have some following.

Is Burkina Faso safe for tourists?

Burkina Faso is one of safest countries in West Africa. However, be aware of thieves in the big city. Violent assault is rare. You should always take precautions when travelling, but Burkina is a remarkably safe and respectful country.

How does Burkina Faso make money?

The economy of Burkina Faso is based primarily on subsistence farming and livestock raising. The Burkinabé financial system represents 30% of the country’s GDP and is dominated by the banking sector, which accounts for 90% of total financial system assets.

Who is famous in Burkina Faso?

and President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987.

  • Jonathan Pitroipa.
  • Blaise Compaoré.
  • Bertrand Traoré.
  • Alain Traoré.
  • Charles Kaboré.
  • Bakary Koné.
  • Prejuce Nakoulma.
  • Moumouni Dagano.
  • Jacky Ido.
  • What is Burkina famous for?

    Probably the thing Burkina Faso is most famous for is its music and drumming culture. What a great country to visit if you are interested in learning West African drumming! As with music, art is also part of the culture of Burkina Faso.

    What does the name Burkina mean?

    Burkina from Mòoré means ‘men of integrity’, while Faso in Diouala means ‘fatherland’. Thus the Burkina Faso is ‘the land of upright people’ or ‘the land of honest people’.

    What is a person from Bukina Faso called?

    Burkina Faso ‘s seventeen million people belong to two major West African cultural groups—the Voltaic and the Mande (whose common language is Dioula). People from Burkina Faso are called Burkinabé. The Voltaic Mossi make up about one-half of the population.