How many Learning Care Group locations are there?

Learning Care Group operates more than 950 schools, under 10 unique brand identities, across the country: La Petite Academy, Childtime, Tutor Time, The Children’s Courtyard, Everbrook Academy, Montessori Unlimited, U-GRO, Creative Kids Learning Center, Young School, and Pathways Learning Academy.

How do I access LCG360?

Log into the LCG360 at or scan the QR Code. Important: Log in with the same credentials as the Employee Lounge, but add to your ID. 2. The first time you log in to LCG360, you will be asked to Multifactor Authenticate (MFA) that you are you.

Are Learning Care Groups public?

Childtime Learning Centers, Inc. is incorporated. 1996: The company goes public and begins trading on the NASDAQ.

Is Learning Care Group A franchise?

Learning Care Group operates more than 900 corporate and franchise schools in around 35 states, the District of Columbia, and in other countries, with most in suburban areas and on or near company worksites.

What does Learning Care Group own?

Founded in the 1960s, it is the second-largest for-profit child care provider in North America, operating over 950+ schools under the La Petite Academy, Childtime, Tutor Time, The Children’s Courtyard, Montessori Unlimited, Everbrook Academy, Creative Kids Learning Center, U-GRO, Young School, and Pathways Learning …

Who owns La Petite Academy?

Learning Care Group
La Petite Academy/Parent organizations

What does employee lounge mean?

an employee lounge: a staff room, a place for employees to relax when they are not working.

What are learning groups?

DEFINITION OF A LEARNING GROUP. A collection of persons who are emotionally, intellectually, and aesthetically engaged in solving problems, creating products, and making meaning—an assemblage in which each person learns autonomously and through the ways of learning of others.

Who is Tutor Time owned by?

Learning Care Group Inc.
Tutor Time is a subsidiary of Learning Care Group Inc., the second-largest for-profit provider of child care and educational services in the United States.

How many employees work for Learning Care Group?

How many employees does Learning Care Group have? Learning Care Group has more than 10,000 employees.

Is La Petite Academy a public school?

Overview of La Petite Academy – Fairview La Petite Academy – Fairview is a private school located in Fairview, OR, which is in a large suburb setting.

How many La Petite Academy are there?

La Petite Academy, Inc., is one of the nation’s largest educational daycare companies. We are headquartered in Novi, MI, with more than 450 schools across the country. Each of our schools is licensed by the state where it operates.

How many schools does Learning Care Group have?

Our nationwide network of more than 950 schools (and 10 brands) provides early education and nurturing care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years. We’re here to offer peace of mind for working families, because we’re there when they need us—and where they need us, too.

How to get in touch with Learning Care Group?

We’re always happy to talk about our schools and answer any questions. Please complete this form and we’ll be in touch soon. Thank you. Visit our Careers page. All fields required.

Where is Learning Care Group in Novi MI?

Learning Care Group. 21333 Haggerty Rd., Suite 300. Novi, MI 48375. Phone: 248.697.9000. 248.697.9000. Fax: 248.697.9002. Media Inquiries. 248.697.9140.

What are management roles in Learning Care Group?

Take the lead and provide motivation in a variety of roles, such as Center Director or Principal, Associate Director, School Education Manager, and Assistant Director. And we always have your back. Management teams are supported with regular staff trainings and professional development days. Looking ahead?