How many species of mbuna are there?

There are over 100 species of Mbuna cichlid but some of them are more popular than others for the home aquarium.

Do mbuna like current?

Mbunas appreciate lots of flow, they even enjoy swimming in it like it is a game. I do have experiene with them but not too much, just had them early august. But so far, they are swimming with the current that i have in the tank.

Can you mix Peacock and mbuna?

It’s possible but it will have a few concerns you should keep in mind. Mbuna and Peacocks are notorious for conspecific aggression, meaning they go after fish that look like them.

What are the most aggressive mbuna?

This all adds to the overall appeal of mbuna.

  • Metriaclima lombardoi is a larger, more aggressive species and is best avoided by the novice mbuna keeper.
  • Lake Malawi is the ninth largest lake in the world.
  • Tropheops chilumba female, mouthbrooding — juveniles and females are all yellow in colour.

How fast do Mbuna cichlids grow?

From 2″ to 5″, it takes 4-5 months easily. From there it can take quite awhile to get a male to the 7-8″ full grown size. Mbuna do seem to grow much quicker than the haps and peacocks even when fed the exact same diet.

How much should I feed my mbuna?

Once or twice per week is recommended. Home-based food – lettuce; broccoli; peas; cucumber; norri. All of these green veggies are great for mbuna and their health, again taking the place of algae in their artificial tank environment. There are many ways in which you can feed them these foods.

How many species of mbuna are there in the world?

Aquarium hobbyists crave Mbunas mostly due to the beautiful coloring that they present; while most of them have males that are colorful, there are over 100 species that have females also colored. The Mbuna group can be broken down into several genus levels:

Where does the mbuna live in Lake Malawi?

As the name implies, most mbuna are cichlids that live among the piles of rocks and along the rocky shores of Lake Malawi, as opposed to other Haplochromide cichlids that live in the open water or on sandy shores or soft substrates.

What are the different types of mbuna cichlids?

The Mbuna group can be broken down into several genus levels: 1 Cyathochromis. 2 Cynotilapia. 3 Genyochromis. 4 Gephyrochromis. 5 Iodotropheus. 6 Labeotropheus. 7 Labidochromis. 8 Melanochromis. 9 Metriaclima. 10 Petrotilapia.

How big of an aquarium do you need for a Mbuna?

Aquarium must be long and wide, height is non-important for mbunas as they prefer actual square footage over levels. Plenty of rocks. Even if you feel there are enough rocks there, you can always add more, the fish will be grateful.