How many UNSC resolutions have been adopted on Iran?

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted seven resolutions as part of international efforts to address Iran’s nuclear program, although only one is in effect today.

What was the Security Council Resolution 2231 about Iran?

Resolution 2231 (2015) urges full implementation of the JCPOA on the timetable established in JCPOA Annex V and sets forth the following steps for the eventual removal of Security Council sanctions on Iran: Adoption Day occurred on 18 October 2015, 90 days after endorsement of the JCPOA by the Security Council through resolution 2231 (2015).

What was the weakest u.n.resolution on Iran?

Resolution 1835 was the weakest of the Security Council’s six resolutions on Iran. In its final U.N. measure on Iran before leaving office, the Bush Administration was forced to accept a compromise resolution after Russia balked at more sanctions.

What did the UNSC do about Iran’s nuclear program?

In response to Iranian defiance, the UNSC unanimously passed Resolution 1696 in July, which demanded that Iran suspend enrichment activities, banned the international transfer of nuclear and missile technologies to Iran, and froze the foreign assets of twelve individuals and ten organizations involved with the Iranian nuclear program. [32]

What was the purpose of the Security Council Resolution 1803?

1. Reaffirms that Iran shall without further delay take the steps required by 2. Welcomes the agreement between Iran and the IAEA to resolve all 3. Calls upon all States to exercise vigilance and restraint regarding the 4. Underlines that nothing in paragraph 3 above requires a State to refuse 5.

What did the 1737 UN Security Council resolution allow?

The resolution did permit states to export nuclear and ballistic missile-related goods that are not itemized in the resolution’s control lists if: certain guidelines were followed, end-user controls were put in place, and the 1737 Committee was notified.

What was the Security Council resolution on Iran in 2006?

The resolution warned Iran that its failure to comply by August 31, 2006 could result in punitive Security Council measures, such as economic sanctions. The resolution called for a report from the Director General of the IAEA by August 31 on Iran’s compliance with this resolution.