How many wards are in Northwick Park Hospital?

Wards at Northwick Park Hospital

Name Telephone
Jack’s Place (childrens’ ward) 020 8869 2531
James Ward 0208 869 2506
Jenner Ward 020 8869 2167
Kingsley winter ward 020 8869 5073

What does Northwick Park Hospital Specialise in?

The hospital provides a range of services including maternity, neonatal, paediatrics, maxillofacial, orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology, elderly care medicine, surgery and a regional hyper-acute rehabilitation unit for patients with additional on-going acute medical needs.

Is Northwick Park Hospital Free parking?

Public car parking charges will be reintroduced at Central Middlesex, Ealing and Northwick Park hospitals from 1 October. It marks the end of a six month period when charges were waived in response to the pandemic and national lockdown. Staff parking remains free.

Is there WIFI in Northwick Park Hospital?

Free wifi. Look for NHS Wi-Fi on your devices and register for free unlimited access.

How many beds are in Northwick Park Hospital?

658 beds
Northwick Park Hospital has 658 beds and runs a hyper acute stroke unit.

How old is Northwick Park Hospital?

The substantial Northwick Park hospital was built from 1962 onwards on some of the public open space. It is now part of the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust. The surviving 120-acre park has extensive sports facilities, including a golf course and two Gaelic football pitches.

What town is Northwick Park Hospital in?

Borough of Brent
Northwick Park Hospital is part of London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and a major acute (general) hospital in the London Borough of Brent.

How much does it cost to park at Northwick Park Hospital?

Northwick Park on the Metropolitan Line is the nearest Tube station to the hospitals, five minutes walk away….Car parking charges.

Up to 1 hour £2.90
Up to 3 hours £6.00
Up to 5 hours £7.00
Up to 8 hours £10.30
Over 8 hours £13.00

How do you pay for parking at Ealing Hospital?

Pay by phone Pay for your parking with your credit or debit card over the phone. Simply find the four digit location code on a nearby sign and: call 01895 262 122 or 0345 434 8008. with the amount of time you’d like to park.

Is it safe to use hospital WiFi?

Internet and WiFi filtering in hospitals ensures WiFi networks can be used safely and securely by all users, including minors. Blocking illegal, undesirable, and age-inappropriate content is not just about protecting patients and visitors. It also reduces legal liability.

How can I get WiFi in my hospital?

  1. Enable wi-fi. Check that your smartphone, tablet or laptop wi-fi is turned on.
  2. Connect to the network. On your device, select the network NHS Wi-Fi or WiFiSPARK.
  3. Open your web browser. Once you have selected a wi-fi service on your device, you’ll be.
  4. Click ‘connect’ Click the ‘connect to wi-fi’ button.

Is Northwick Park station closed?

There are no reported disruptions at any .