How much do Edinburgh tram drivers earn?

‘Great opportunity’ The job advert said candidates needed to have the “ability and desire to work safely, be flexible and deliver customer service excellence,” as well as “well developed concentration and communication skills.” Tram drivers will start earning between £20,000 and £24,000 a year to operate the vehicles.

When did trams stop running in Edinburgh?

16th of November 1956
The decision to cease operation of the city’s 47 route-miles of tram network arose in 1952, taking just 4 years to dismantle. The final day of the trams fell on the 16th of November 1956.

Do Edinburgh trams go to Leith?

Trams to Newhaven will add 4.69 kilometres/2.91 miles of track in both directions, connecting Leith and Newhaven to the current end of the Edinburgh tram line at York Place with eight new stops (see route map below).

Are trams free in Edinburgh?

If the answer to both questions is yes, you can travel for free on Edinburgh Trams. Please note, Scottish National Entitlement Cards that do not have City of Edinburgh Council as the issuing Local Authority are not valid on tram services.

How do I become a train driver in Scotland?

You’ll need to apply for a driver trainee programme with a train company. Most train companies expect drivers to have qualifications in English and maths at SCQF Level 4/5. You would attend a year-long training programme with learning in the classroom and simulators.

Are Edinburgh trams a success?

That success was replicated in 2018 when a survey undertaken by the Institute of Customer Service awarded Edinburgh Trams a score of 87.9 – more than 15 points above the transport industry average, and 10 points higher than the multi-sector average.

Are Edinburgh trams 24 hours?

Trams run from every 7 minutes throughout the daytime, 7 days a week. In the early morning and during the evenings trams run from every 10 minutes.

Does Edinburgh have a tram?

The Edinburgh tram route covers 14km from York Place in the city centre all the way to Edinburgh Airport. Connect with trains at Edinburgh Gateway, Edinburgh Park Station and Haymarket.

Are Edinburgh trams free for over 60s?

Free travel for over-60s on trams in Edinburgh could be scrapped as the city council moves to save money. Concessionary fares, which are available to over-60s who live in the capital, are subsidised by the council. The fare proposals would not take effect until 2021/22.

Do Edinburgh Trams run 24 hours?

Why are tube drivers paid so much?

A spokeswoman for Transport for London (TfL) said three per cent of drivers earn total remuneration of more than £70,000, largely because they are “highly skilled test drivers and instructors”. Total remuneration includes base pay and employer pension contributions.

When did the trams start running in Edinburgh?

The Edinburgh tram was inaugurated, following several years of delays, in mid-2014. It has fifteen stations, which connect the airport with the new part of the city. Edinburgh trams opened, after delays, in May 2014. It has one route and 15 stops that link the airport with the new parts of the city.

How much is a dayticket for the tram in Edinburgh?

Adult Network DAYticket (airport & city zone) £10.00. Valid for unlimited travel on Edinburgh Trams and Lothian Buses in all zones including Lothian services NightBus and NightHawk. Valid on the day of purchase/activation. Available to purchase from the tram stop ticket machine.

Is there a tram from York Place to Edinburgh Airport?

Edinburgh tram has one route that connects York Place with Edinburgh Airport. The route has 15 stops, all of them are wheelchair accessible. The Edinburgh tram is not very useful for tourists except to go to and from the airport.

What was the difference between the Edinburgh and San Francisco trams?

The Leith system was electrified, whereas the Edinburgh system used cable haulage (as still used by the San Francisco cable car system and the Great Orme Tramway in Wales). The cable was housed in a shallow trough between the tram rails; breakages could reduce the entire system to a standstill. The main depot was moved to Shrubhill on Leith Walk.