How much do maxima clams cost?

Item # Description Price
023531 Maxima Clam-Blue, 4-5 INCHES, Tahiti * Restriction On Guarantee $199.99
023532 Maxima Clam-Blue, 5-6 INCHES, Tahiti * Restriction On Guarantee $269.99
023533 Maxima Clam-Blue, 6-7 INCHES, Tahiti * Restriction On Guarantee $299.99

How long can a Maxima clam live?

Lifespan: 200 years – May live decades in captivity, but can live over 200 years in the wild.

What do you feed maxima clams?

Feed live plankton such as DT’s. For some good info check out Clams Direct You can ask Barry the owner what is best to feed the clams. They also have a clam forum. Your better off feeding live plankton vs dead.

Can you eat a Maxima clam?

Absolutely they can and are eaten by people in the South Pacific. In fact, consumption pressure is far more likely to have been the cause of wild stock reductions than the aquarium hobby.

Where do you put the Maxima clam?


  1. Place the clam so that the mantle is facing upward towards the light to maximize exposure to light.
  2. If a more powerful lighting system, like metal halides, are used on an aquarium 24 inches or less, these clams can be placed just about anywhere in the aquarium, as long as they are not blocked from the light.

Where are maxima clams from?

Tridacna maxima has the widest distribution of any Tridacnid species. It is found from the Red Sea, throughout the Indo-Pacific region, to Australia and Polynesia. It usually occurs in shallow, clear water, high current areas where they are known to form high-density populations.

How do you tell if Maxima clam is healthy?

A healthy clam should have a small opening, not be gaping, and be very responsive to shadows, and movement in general.

Do maxima clams grow fast?

You can expect about an inch per year on the average, with proportionally more growth when the clam is small, and slowing down as the clam gets bigger and older. The growth rate for clams is relatively unpredictable, because water quality and light levels very widely, both in the aquarium and in the wild.

Are maxima clams easy to keep?

Clams are a beautiful addition to any reef aquarium and they are pretty easy to keep once you have the right lighting, flow and water parameters.

Do maxima clams move?

They do move and move quite a lot probably to the direction where they can filter the most food out of the water column.

Are clams good for beginners?

If provided the proper conditions, giant clams are a great choice not only for the beginner reef aquarist, but even for the most advanced reef aquarists, offering beauty, biological benefits as well as biological diversity.

How big does a blue maxima clam get?

It is the third largest giant clam following its cousins, the massive Gigas Clam, Tridacna gigas which reaches over 3 feet in length, and the Derasa Clam, Tridacna derasa. Even though Maxima’s can grow large, they do it at a much slower rate.

What is the best grade for maxima clams?

Aquarium Creations grading system for a Maxima is First Grade, Ultra Grade, Best Pick Grade. Best Pick Clams have that extra something, they are extremely beautiful specimens in a sea of beautiful specimens. They are the best of the best..

What kind of clams are used in marine aquariums?

Blue Maxima Clams are the most popular Maxima clams purchased for the marine reef aquarium. Our aquacultured Blue Maxima’s come in many different patterns and color hue’s. For this reason we use a grading system.

Why are my Blue maxima clams turning brown?

The brown colouration is the clam’s zooxanthellae showing and is probably due to the clam losing its protective colouration during transport. If you need to move them, it should take a few weeks to slowly get them into their new position or you will shock them.