How much does a Cervelo R3 weight?

With its room for 34mm tyres and aerodynamically tuned tube shapes, the new Caledonia is more like the quintessential modern-day endurance bike than the R3….Spec.

Frame Cervelo R3
Wheels Novatec R3 Carbon 35mm Disc with Continental GP5000 tyres, 700 x 28
Weight 7.39kg (56cm)

How much do Cervelo bikes weigh?

A factory equipped Cervelo 54cm R3 Ultegra that we have here in the shop weighs 16 pounds 4 ounces on our scale while the 54cm Cervelo S3 Ultegra we have in the shop weighs 16 pounds 7 ounces.

What size is Cervelo R3?

Cervelo R3 Sizing

Size Top Tube Head Tube
48 51.5 10.0
51 53.0 12.0
54 54.5 14.0
56 56.5 16.0

Is the Cervelo Caledonia any good?

Bottom line The Cervelo Caledonia is an endurance road bike. It’s capable of going off the beaten path with a wide gear range and tires up to 35mm. Hydraulic disc brakes are used on all versions of the Caledonia.

Is Cervelo S3 good for climbing?

The overall weight does come into play a little with regards the S3’s climbing prowess but it certainly isn’t overly bloated when compared to other brand’s equivalent aero machines. Sit on the saddle and keep the power on is the best way to get the S3 climbing fast.

Where is cervelo made?

While owned by a Dutch company, Cervelo was started in Canada and operations remain based in Toronto and Santa Cruz, CA. Materials Used: Carbon Fiber. Frame/Bike Point of Origin: Cervelo bikes are engineered and designed in Canada and manufactured in Asia.

What is a Cervelo R3?

cervelo R3 classic road bike, orange. Model shown: The R-Series is a high performance allrounder, ready for everything from the Tuesday night world champs to an epic weekend ride. Light, stiff, and designed for confidence-boosting handling, this is a bike that you can trust.

Is cervelo Caledonia a gravel bike?

Inspired by the team-only R3 Mud – a bike designed purely to be raced at Paris-Roubaix – the Caledonia is designed as a blend of Cervélo’s R5 road bikes and the Aspero gravel bike. It’s a bike that can handle a dose of everything.

Where are cervelo made?

Frame/Bike Point of Origin: Cervelo bikes are engineered and designed in Canada and manufactured in Asia. Cervelo does have a R&D facility in the U.S. that produces limited runs of the top of the line bike, the Cervelo R5ca and the P5x is produced in conjunction with HED in Minnesota.

Is Cervelo S3 aero bike?

Bottom line The Cervelo S3 is a masterful sprinter in the aero road bike category. It has numerous characteristics that define this bike as sleek and aerodynamic. These include an integrated fork and stem, RAT thru-axles, a carbon frame and internal cable routing. The bike has clearance for tires up to 30mm.

Is the Cervelo R3 a good bike to buy?

But in terms of the broader market, the Cervelo R3 is certainly reasonably priced especially when you consider it is £1,600 less than the likewise specced R5. After testing the Cervelo R3, I am convinced that it remains a relevant bike.

Is the Cervelo R3 mud the same as the R3?

‘Whilst the Caledonia shares some of its lineage with a derivation of the R3, the R3 “Mud”, we view the use cases and consumers for the two platforms to be different. ‘Much as the Roubaix-orientated R3 “Mud” didn’t replace the pure, GC-bred R3, the experiential and diverse Caledonia platform doesn’t supersede it either.’

What kind of handlebars does Cervelo use?

What was outstanding, however, and something that often goes unnoticed, were Cervelo’s in-house AB07 Ultra Light Alloy handlebars. So many handlebars are so shallow in their drops and uncomfortable on the wrists when used aggressively.