How much does a European mount cost?

However, the average cost for a skull mount is only $150 and includes a plaque or other mount. If wanting only the skull mount done by itself, it is closer to $75. For the serious hunter who consistently harvests a mature buck each year, it’s easy to see that it can become costly.

Do European mounts stink?

The euro looks great and it is completely clean, but it stinks the same way the guy’s beetle colony smelled (if you’ve ever smelled one, it is a very distinct smell).

What is a European style mount?

Most hunters know what a European style mount is. It’s a skull with the hide removed and bone bleached white, usually hung on the wall as a way of showing off that trophy. Today the European mount is popular across the globe and is a way of displaying trophies uniquely, simply, and cost effectively.

How much do European skull Mounts cost?

I would guess $50 to $150 depending on the plaque. If you just want the skull back, I would guess in the $50 to $75 range. A simple single panel plaque, $75 to $100, and a pedestal style mounting panel around $100 to $150.

How long does it take to get a European mount back?

Actual time to complete a euro with boiling is a few days. Beetles is 1-2 weeks. Maceration (the method I use at home) is 4-6 weeks depending on grease levels. If I was paying a taxidermist I wouldn’t wait longer then 2 months to receive a euro.

How do you seal a Euro mount?

The best for sealing is Polycrylic clear satin spray. Just use one light coat. I hold the skull by the rack and do it by hand. It helps to rotate as you spray and Continue shortly afterwards.

Why does my deer mount smell?

It sounds like you have a uncured deer head and every time it gets humid you might get that smell back. Just take it back and let him do it right. Ask him if he tans in house or sends them out (both ok) or if he uses dry perservitives(not ok) A tanned cape should be fully dry in 2 weeks so ask him when it was mounted.

Why do they call it a European mount?

The name “Euro Mount” or “European Mount” comes from the fact that this particular type of display was popular in Europe. It was too expensive for taxidermists to import products for shoulder mounts from America, so they did it this cheaper way instead.

Is European mount considered taxidermy?

Skull mounts are sometimes referred to as European mounts, western skull mounts, or western mounts. They are a large portion of taxidermy work. Only the skull of the animal is displayed, which will have horns, antlers, or nothing attached to the skull depending on the animal.

How long do you leave a skull in for taxidermy?

Leave the skull in for another 45 minutes to an hour. After this round, at least 90% of the meat should be off the skull. Once you take the skull out of the pot, place it a tub that is full of hot soapy water. This helps finish the skull and is another method to remove additional grease.

What kind of deer is used in gohunt taxidermy?

Lorenzo Sartini with his 2013 mule deer that was used for goHUNT’s how-to taxidermy article. After removing the hide, it is time to remove the lower jaw and eyes, and attempt to remove the brain in the field. I say “attempt” because it can be difficult.

How can I Mount my own European skull?

Here is how you can do your own European skull mount, with a few items easily found in your local outdoor or hardware store. After deciding that you are not going to do a shoulder mount, the first step shortly after harvesting your deer should be to remove the entire hide from the skull.