How much does a plastic tarp cost?

A simple blue water resistant poly tarp costs anywhere from approximately $10 to $100, whereas a heavy duty fully waterproof PVC vinyl tarp will cost anywhere from $30 to $400.

Are Walmart tarps blue?

Constructed of woven reinforced polyethylene fabrics, Sigman blue tarps feature heat-sealed seams and are waterproof and tear resistant….Specifications.

Features Tarp Size: 10 ft. x 12 ft., Grommet Spacing: Every 3 ft. approximately, Tarp Fabric Thickness: 5 MIL
Assembled Product Weight 2.5 lbs

What is blue tarp used for?

Blue, green and brown tarps are usually general purpose tarps, meant for consumer and light industrial work. They’re popular with contractors, construction workers, roofers, farmers, and landscapers. Blue tarps are easily the most popular form of tarp and the most easily found.

Are blue poly tarps waterproof?

This 3-ply quality polyethylene is waterproof and durable, making our premium blue poly tarps heavier and superior to other tarps currently on the market. These tarps are also rot proof, UV resistant, Tear resistant and has Arctic Flexibility.

Are plastic tarps waterproof?

We feature strong, rust-resistant metal grommets every 18 inches for easy and convenient tie-downs. Our strong and durable tarps are reversible, UV-resistant, waterproof, and weather-, tear-resistant….

Material Plastic
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
Center To Center Spacing 18 Inches
Item Thickness 5.5 Mils

How big is 6ft by 8ft tarp?

6 ft. x 8 ft. tarp covers area of up to approximately 48 sq. ft.

What does blue tarp mean?

For years manufacturers have used a color code to indicate the grade of tarpaulins, but not all manufacturers follow this traditional method of grading. Following this color-coded system, blue indicates a lightweight tarp, and typically has a weave count of 8×8 and a thickness of 0.005–0.006 in (0.13–0.15 mm).

Do blue tarps hold water?

While tarps are water resistant, they are not waterproof. A tarp used as a pond liner will begin to leak before a single season passes. While the swimming pool is waterproof, the inflatable ring at the top degrades over time in the sun’s UV rays and eventually stops holding air.

What does blue tarp on roof mean?

Reinforced plastic tarps, commonly called “Blue Roofs,” provide temporary protection for the roofs of homes and other buildings damaged during severe weather such as a hurricane or tornado.

Can blue tarps hold water?

How long do poly tarps last?

Due to a wide variety of environmental and application issues, it is impossible to give an exact lifespan. The average time spent as advertising on a billboard sign is 6 months. We have had customers use these vinyl tarps for 10+ years.