How much does a supra boat cost?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $137,200 (starting)
Displacement: 5,800 lb.
Transom Deadrise: NA
Bridge Clearance: NA
Ballast: 3,500 lb.

What kind of boat is a Supra?

The Supra SE is the flagship of the Supra line of premium tow boats. Proving itself on the biggest stages in professional wakeboarding, the Supra SE is the official towboat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour and Pro Wakesurf Tour.

How fast does a supra boat go?

Throttling up, we rushed to a top speed of 38.8 mph, planed in 3.4 seconds (ballast tanks empty), and achieved better than 3 mpg efficiency at 25 mph. With numbers like that, coupled with luxurious and capacious accommodations, add joyriding to the list of things at which the Supra SR 450 shines.

How much is a 2014 Supra?

A traditional bow boat infused with shock and awe, the 2014 SC350, SC450 and SC550 from Supra Boats are poised to smoke the competition in their class….Compare.

Base price $100,000 (USD)
Max hp 555 hp
Base engine Indmar 5.7L Surf

Why are Pavati boats so expensive?

For example, the Pavati AL24 has an integrated ballast system that holds up to 4,888 lbs of water. It all comes at a cost, though, and adding the electronics and controls for the integrated ballast systems can be very expensive.

How heavy is a Supra boat?

5,800 lbs
Supra SA Specs

Length: 22′ 5″
Overall: 24′ 5″
Width: 102″
Boat Weight: 5,800 lbs
Ballast Weight: 3,500 lbs

Why is the Supra so popular?

Compared to other performance cars, it is relatively easy to get huge amounts of power out of the Supra, and in a “reliable” (used in the comparative sense here) fashion. Therefore, tuner demand is another reason why Supras are so popular.

Is supra a good boat brand?

What Makes a Great Surf Boat? It’s not simply the AutoWake system alone that makes Supra Boats stand out as the best surf boat on the market. When considering buying a surf boat you’re going to want to take into consideration the wave control ability, the safety standards, and of course the level of comfort it offers.

How fast can a Mastercraft boat go?

At wide-open throttle we hit a top speed of 51.7 mph, though MasterCraft rates the boat at a top speed of 47 mph. Cruising speed is 32 mph….MasterCraft X-Star Specifications.

Length 22’3″
Beam 8’4″
Draft (hull) 2’4″
Dry weight 4,200 pounds
Fuel capacity 57 gallons

Are Supras good boats?

What is a Pavati boat worth?

Pavati boats for sale on Boat Trader are available for a variety of prices, valued from $385,000 on the bargain side of the spectrum all the way up to $415,000 for the higher-end boats.