How much does a Toyota 2000GT cost?

The 2000GT was built in limited numbers, and only 62 of them came to the United States—one of which will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s in May. In previous auctions, 2000GTs have sold for upward of $500,000, with one in 2013 going for $1.2 million, so what this one will fetch is somewhat unpredictable.

Who designed the Toyota 2000 GT?

The Toyota 2000GT is a limited-production front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, two-door, two-seat sports car/grand tourer designed by Toyota in collaboration with Yamaha. First displayed to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1965, the 2000GT was manufactured under contract by Yamaha between 1967 and 1970.

What engine does the Toyota 2000GT have?

Performance was world class: a longitudinally mounted 2.0-litre in-line 6-cylinder engine powered the 2000GT onto a top speed of 220km/h. The engine was originally based off the Toyota Crown’s power plant, but was then transformed by Yamaha into a punchier sports car engine.

How much is a 1967 Toyota 2000GT worth?

1967 Toyota 2000GT sells for $912,500, while another is discovered in a Sydney garage. Viknesh Vijayenthiran October 29, 2020 Comment Now! Few Japanese classic cars regularly sell around the $1 million mark, though a major exception is the Toyota 2000GT.

Does Toyota have sports car?

Four sports cars driving in a line down a two-lane road. Drive the legendary Toyota sports car. Get to know the true meaning of fun and learn why drivers keep coming back to this thrilling track-worthy favorite.

What was the first Japanese supercar?

Toyota 2000 GT
Japan’s First Supercar: Toyota 2000 GT.

Who is the manufacturer of the Toyota 2000GT?

Most of the 2000GT’s design was done by motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha, who also contributed contract assistance for other Japanese manufacturers, including Nissan.

Is there a Toyota 2000GT open top convertible?

Despite a custom open-top version built for the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, a factory-produced convertible was never offered.

When did Carroll Shelby race the Toyota 2000GT?

Carroll Shelby also entered a pair of 2000GTs to compete in the 1968 SCCA production car races in the CP category. Initially Shelby built three cars, including one spare. Although it performed well, it was the only season the car competed in the US.

What kind of brakes did Toyota 2000GT have?

The 2000GT was also the first Japanese production car to feature a limited-slip differential and power-assisted disc brakes at all four corners. Meticulous attention to detail was also paid to the interior refurbishment with the upholstery, carpeting, trim, and switchgear all appearing to be in near-new condition throughout.