How much does cottonseed meal cost?

25 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. or 900 lbs/acre. Cottonseed Meal is NOT NOP Compliant and does not pass for organic certification unless it is a certified organically grown cottonseed meal which this product is NOT….Quantity discounts.

Qty Discount
10 – 19 $34.00
20 – 39 $33.00
40 – + $32.00

How much does a ton of cotton seed cost?

Arizona is offered at $325 nearby, and $330 for March for no major change. California also hovers around $325 per ton.

How much are soybean Hulls per ton?

Soybean Hulls traded 10.00 lower at 180.00 per ton. Soybean Hulls Pelleted was not available per ton.

What is cottonseed meal made of?

Cottonseed meal is made from ground cotton seeds. It is an organic, slow-release, premium fertilizer containing 6 to 7 percent nitrogen (N), 1 to 2 percent phosphorus (P), 1 percent potassium (K) and numerous minor elements.

What is the NPK of cottonseed meal?

The cotton seed meal has an n-p-k ratio of 6-0-4 (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Due to its nutrients, it can play as a perfect nitrogen fertilizer. Cottonseed meal improves the soil’s texture, helps build humic acid needed for proper plant growth and health.

Is cottonseed meal good for watermelons?

The trick was that watermelons needed some phosphorus and potassium but did best with just a little nitrogen. When the plants are small—in the bushy stage—they need just a little nitrogen fertilizer, either the cheap cottonseed meal or the more expensive Bulldog Sody.

Is cotton seed good for deer?

Whole cottonseed as a supplemental food for deer is great choice for maintaining the physical health of a herd. Because cottonseed is high in protein and fat it allows post-rut bucks to put weight back on rapidly, meaning more energy is reserved for antler growth which is just a few months down the road.

What is price of cotton today?

Cotton Price Live

Last Price Change Open
2482 -25.00 2496
2479 -24.00 2488

How much is a ton of feed corn?

Corn at $3.50 bu. x 7.65 = $26.78 per ton in the field.

What is the price of soybean meal?


Name Price Unit
Soybean Meal 324.60 USD per Ton
Soybeans 12.48 USD per Bushel
Soybean Oil 0.59 USD per lb.
Wheat 264.50 EUR per Ton

Is cottonseed meal good for all plants?

Is cottonseed healthy for plants? Absolutely. Cottonseed meal fertilizer is highly beneficial with a high organic content which aerates tight, dense soil and aids in retaining moisture in light, sandy soil.

Is cottonseed meal good for soil?

High-nitrogen content (6-2-2) cottonseed meal has long been employed as an organic fertilizer that lowers the pH of soil, poses little danger of burning plants, and provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as many minor plant food elements. It is cheap and readily available.

How much cotton seed meal to feed?

New transplants should have 1 cup of cottonseed meal worked into the soil around their root zone. Other younger plants that are already planted will benefit by having a cup of meal added, too. Older, established plants can take 2-4 cups of meal depending on the size of the plant.

How much cottonseed should I feed?

Whole Cottonseed Per Cow How Much Should I Feed? Typical rations include up to 15% cottonseed on a dry matter basis. Feeding 5 to 8 lbs of whole cottonseed per cow per day is considered economical, effective and safe.

When to apply cottonseed meal?

For the established lawns, it’s best to use cottonseed as a fertilizer in the spring. You should apply cottonseed meal or alternatively, a mix of ¾ cottonseed meal and ¼ turf grass fertilizer. Apply it in the amount of 4-5 pounds per 100 square feet. Don’t forget to reapply in mid summer.

Can you feed cottonseed meal to pigs?

Replacing soybean meal in pig diets. URBANA – Canola, cottonseed, and sunflower products can replace soybean meal in diets fed to pigs, but they contain less protein and energy. To determine if it makes economic sense to use them, producers need to know the concentrations and digestibility of the nutrients they contain.