How much does Scot Mendelson weigh?

270 – 360 lb
Scot Mendelson

Personal information
Occupation Powerlifting, Personal trainer
Employer Self-employed
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight 270 – 360 lb (122 – 163kg) active

What is the current heaviest world record bench press?

As of 2021, the world record bench press without any equipment (‘raw’) was set by American Julius Maddox at 355 kg (782 lb) surpassing his previous record of 349 kg (770 lb). The current world equipped record (with shirt) is held by American Jimmy Kolb, at 508 kg (1,120 lb).

What is the world record for powerlifting?

The Czech athlete has set a new standard. The new mark is now 1,160 kg (2,557 pounds). This new record beats the previous mark that was set by Daniel Bell, who lifted a total of 1,142 kg (2,518 pounds) in 2019.

What does a bench shirt do?

A bench shirt is a stiff supportive shirt, used to improve performance in the bench press, most often in powerlifting competitions. The extremely tight fit of a bench shirt supports the weightlifter’s shoulders and deltoid muscles.

Who has the highest 3 lift total?

Daniel Bell broke the world record for powerlifting by lifting 2,517 lbs/1,142.5 kg at the American Barbell Club Open in November. The competition featured three lifts which include Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

Are bench shirts cheating?

Squat suits and bench shirts were originally brought around to keep people safe and keep them tight. As technology improved and powerlifting gear evolved it became more supportive but always stayed within the rules of the federation. So again, there was no cheating.

How impressive is a 315 bench?

Is a 315 lb bench press impressive? Depending on person weight. Very impressive for the one who is below 160 lb. Pretty good for someone who is below 210 lb.

How big was Scot Mendelson’s first bench press?

After his stint in bodybuilding, Scot Mendelson found his call in powerlifting. In as early as October 12th 2002, Scot Mendelson set his first all time raw world record bench press of 701 pounds (318 kg) completely unequipped for the heavyweight class while he himself weighed 308 pounds.

How many world records does Scot Mendelson have?

Scot Mendelson is a three-times national and four-times World Champion in the bench press. He has broken 60 world records during his career. Raw Bench press – 701.1 lbs (318.0 kg) @308 lb class raw with only wrist wraps and a belt (APC 2002)

Who is the world record holder for the bench press?

Who is Scot Mendelson? Scot Mendelson (Scott Mendelson or “Mendy”) is an American powerlifter, armwrestler and world renown bench press master. He once held the all-time world record for a raw unequipped bench press with an 1,031 pound (468 kg) bench press.

How old was Scot Mendelson when he started strength training?

Scot Mendelsen was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 21st, 1969. Before getting into strength training, Scot Mendelson was passionate about sports such as baseball, American football and other athletic activities. However, after discovering strength training after a brief stint in jail at the age of 14.