How much does Sea Tow cost?

Per hour fees vary by location and can range from $175 to $450 per hour with the average service time being 2 ½ hours. Payment is due at the time of service. Avoid the out-of-pocket expense by becoming a Sea Tow member today. Remember, our members get priority service over non-members.

How do I contact Sea Tow?

What is the best way to reach Sea Tow? Call our 24-hour call center. Our team can answer any questions you may have regarding your membership or on-water assistance. 800-4-SEATOW (473-2869).

How do you tow a boat on the water?

Towing a Boat in the Water

  1. Use the Towline From the Disabled Boat.
  2. Attach to the Towing Vessel’s Fixture or Make a Bridle.
  3. Establish a Destination Before Towing.
  4. Agree on a Form of Communication.
  5. Keep Watch Throughout the Tow.
  6. Shorten or Lengthen the Towline.
  7. Reduce Towline Chafing.

Is BoatUS the same as TowBoatUS?

BoatUS acquired TowBoatUS, formerly Vessel Assist, in 2003. The towing service was rebranded and relaunched as TowBoatUS in 2015. The BoatUS towing service reportedly has 540,000 members nationwide, 603 towboats in its fleet, 305 locations nationwide and 70,297 annual requests for towing services.

How far will tow BoatUS go?

All BoatUS-approved towing companies offer a minimum Unlimited Service area of 25 miles from their homeport. Many offer extended Unlimited Service Areas to meet the needs of their local boating community.

Can I text Sea Tow?

For additional help, text HELP to 883383 or contact [email protected] or call 800-4-SEATOW.

How far will tow boat us go?

What is a tow line of a boat?

Tow Lines are used to tow a vessel behind a larger boat like a houseboat or yacht. Similarly, a Towing Hawser is a line used for towing purposes mostly used in heavy marine, commercial, and industrial applications. Shore Lines are used to temporarily Moor (connect / fasten) or Make Fast a boat to the shoreline.

How fast should you tow a tube?

When towing teenagers/adults on tubes, keep the speed from 15 to 20 MPH.

Is BoatUS a good insurance?

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5 (Excellent) BoatUS Marine Insurance Program has 500,000 members and sells boat insurance products in all 50 states since 1966. It has superior financial ratings with all major credit rating agencies as well as an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What to do if you break down on the water?

What to do When Your Boat Breaks Down on the Water

  1. Ensure all people aboard are safe and that the boat is not in peril.
  2. Set an anchor to keep from drifting.
  3. Use your GPS, chart or BoatUS App to get accurate coordinates of your vessels location.
  4. Call TowBoatUS for marine assistance on VHF16 or your phone. (

How many times can I use Sea Tow?

Membership FAQs Yes. If you are in an area where Sea Tow is not yet operating, you would be covered under our Universal Towing Coverage, providing reimbursement up to $5000 per incident with no annual limit.

Where can I find a boat towing company?

Use your cell phone to call the closest TowBoatUS Company listed in our online service locator. Key your VHF mic and hail “TowBoatUS.” Call the BoatUS dispatch center anytime day or night at 800-391-4869, 365 days a year for boat towing assistance.

Which is the best towing service on the water?

A BoatUS Unlimited Towing Membership is the best value & lowest-priced towing service available. Take TowBoatUS with you on the water! $90/year | Unlimited Freshwater Towing Membership $165/year | Unlimited Saltwater Towing Membership

How much does it cost to tow a boat?

Towing bills with rates as high as $250/hour! The average daytime hourly rate for a commercial towing company is $250 from the time they leave their dock until they return. That amount goes up for service provided at night or in bad weather. A BoatUS Unlimited Towing Membership would handle these expenses.

How to call BoatUS to tow Your Boat?

Call the BoatUS dispatch center anytime day or night at 800-391-4869, 365 days a year for boat towing assistance. Our dispatch centers are strategically stationed on both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. A BoatUS Unlimited Towing Membership provides 50% to tow your boat from its home dock or mooring to a repair facility.