How much is a Bahn Card 25?

BahnCard 25 is certainly the best choice for travellers. It costs 125 Euro for 1st class and 62 Euro for 2nd class travels. You’ll get 25 % discount on all standard train tickets and long-distance saver fares for one year.

How does a Bahn Card work?

BahnCard (German Bahn – Rail) is a discount subscription programme offered by Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German national railway company. Unlike airline loyalty programs, but similarly to the UK Railcard, the BahnCard entitles the passenger to a discount price and must be purchased prior to travel.

What is a Niedersachsen ticket?

Niedersachsen-Ticket This ticket is a universal day ticket for all local trains and public transport in almost all buses, trams and subways throughout Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg.

How much is a Bayern ticket?


Bavaria-Ticket (Bayern-Ticket) Bavaria-Ticket Night (Bayern-Ticket Nacht)
1 passenger: 25 € 23 €
2 passengers: 33 € 28 €
3 passengers: 41 € 33 €
4 passengers: 49 € 38 €

How do I pay my bahncard?

You have various options to purchase your ticket securely. The payment options on guarantee that a purchase is reliable and goes smoothly. During the booking process, you can choose whether you would like to pay by credit card, PayPal, “Pay now.” or SEPA direct debit.

Does Bayern Ticket include U Bahn?

It is valid on all regional trains in 2nd class. Additionally the ticket allows the use of the underground trains (U-Bahn), suburban trains (S-Bahn), trams and public buses in Munich and other Bavarian cities and of almost all public regional bus services beyond Munich (RVO, SEV).

Is it hard to get Bayern Munich tickets?

There was only one problem with that: Getting tickets to a Bayern Munich match can be very difficult. Three, fan friendly policies in all of the Bundesliga mean that attending games is very cheap, so tickets are tougher to find.

How can I book my train ticket online with debit card?

This is a guide document that shows how to book train tickets using CSB VISA ATM Debit cards Step 1: Logon to Step 2: Enter From & To station, journey date, ticket type & submit Step 3: Choose a train to book ticket Page 2 Step 4 : Enter passenger details, captcha (highlighted in arrow mark) to proceed …

How do you pay for trains in Germany?

How long is a train ticket valid for?

The outward portion of your journey is valid for five days, including the issue date, and you can use the return portion of your ticket at any time within one calendar month of the issue date.

Where can I buy S-Bahn tickets?

Buying Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at multilingual ticket machines on the platforms of S-and U-Bahn stations. In buses, fares are paid to the bus driver, in trams at machines inside the trains. In larger stations the S-Bahn and BVG provide ticket counters.