How much is a limo in Miami?

Hourly Rates

Vehicles Hourly Minimum
6 Passenger Limousine $80 per hour 3 hours minimum
8 Passenger Limousine $85 per hour 3 hours minimum
10 Passenger Limousine $90 per hour 3 hours minimum

Why are limousines called limousines?

The word limousine is derived from the name of the French region Limousin. An alternate etymology speculates that some early chauffeurs wore a Limousin-style cloak in the open driver’s compartment, for protection from the weather.

What color are limousines?

Select Your Limousine Color. Black is a common limousine color. Think about it. Most limo fleets start with either a black or white limo.

What is the point of limousines?

Limousines have also become popular to rent for partying, as they can hold a large group of people, can be uniquely customized for entertainment, and allow the passengers to drink (without being stopped by laws prohibiting open alcohol containers around a driver).

How much is it to book a limousine?

If you average things out, limo service costs around $85 – $145 per hour. Usually, people spend from $424 – $950 to book a limo rental for an entire night….How Much Does a Limo Cost?

Limo Style Passengers Average Cost
Luxury SUVs 3-6 $75-$115/hr
Limousine (small) 4-6 $85-$130/hr
Limousine (large) 6-10 $95-$145/hr
SUV Limousine 10-16 $125-$190/hr

How much does it cost to buy a limo?

Limos are pricey investments, typically ranging from $100,000 up to $300,000. Have you ever wondered how the most expensive limos in the world look like and how much they cost? Many Americans rent these exquisite vehicles for all sorts of events such as weddings, birthday parties, proms, or just for a night out.

What is the world’s longest limo?

The World’s Longest Limo The world’s longest limo was built in Burbank, California by Jay Ohrberg, and it measures an amazing 100-feet long. It has 26 wheels and two driver cabins, but that’s not all.

Are limousines outdated?

Limos were everywhere and some limo builders even became household names. But lately, with the increase of commuting options and in some places the social stances, limos have gone down in popularity. Factory luxury sedans and SUVs have gotten much better over the years, which could be considered a factor.

Why do people like limousines?

It provides a certain level of glamour and an elevated appearance. It also allows the passengers to enjoy a completely stress free ride along the way. Even passengers who are only going short distances around their home can still enjoy the look and feel of the limo experience as a whole.

Are limousines comfortable?

Though smaller than stretch limos, regular limos are still very comfortable, have got a lot of legroom, and provide a large trunk for optimum storing capacity. Although they don’t come with the same equipment, sedans provide the feeling of riding in a very luxurious car.