How much is car parking at Melbourne Airport?

Drive up rates

Duration Value Terminal*
6-24hrs $12 $49
2 days $24 $98
3 days $36 $147
4 days $48 $196

Do you need to book long term parking at Melbourne Airport?

Yes, online bookings are available for short or long stays. Please note that you must book at least 2 hours prior to your arrival time when making a booking online. Can I book disabled parking? Melbourne Airport Parking does not charge credit card fees with your online booking.

How much is long term parking at Melbourne Airport?

Melbourne FL Airport Long-Term parking rates $1 for every 20 mins (parking up to 1 hour), and $1 for every 30 mins thereafter, up to a daily max rate of $12. You can pay for the parking services with American Express, MasterCard, and Visa cards.

Where is short term parking at Melbourne Airport?

Located right outside Terminals 1, 2 & 3, and at Terminal 4, our Terminal Car Parks offer convenience and value only a couple of minutes’ walk to the terminals. Our Terminal Car Parks are located directly opposite the terminals, so you’ll be checking in within minutes.

How much is parking at Melbourne airport per hour?

Melbourne Airport Parking Charges

First Hour Hourly rate
Short Term Parking 20 mins $3 40 mins $6 1 hour $12 2 hours $20 4 hours $36 10 hours $50
Multi-level Long Term
Long Term Parking
Business Parking

Can you park Melbourne Airport?

Can I pick someone up from the airport Melbourne?

Can I pick someone up from the airport? You may pick up or drop off a person from an airport if it meets one of the permitted reasons for leaving home. If you need to pick up or drop off a person at the airport, you should stay in your car when you get to the airport.

How do I pay for long term parking at Melbourne Airport?

For your safety and convenience we’ve also moved to a fully contactless payment system. No need to pull a ticket, simply tap your credit card or swipe your mobile at the gates and you’ll be quickly on your way.

Where can I Park my Car at Melbourne Airport?

Melbourne Airport Parking is our specialty. Relax on your next business or pleasure trip knowing that your car is securely parked at Andrew’s Airport Parking, Tullamarine. Andrews Airport Parking has the largest off-airport parking facility in Melbourne.

Is there parking at Andrew’s Airport in Melbourne?

Andrew’s Airport Parking are the trusted alternative to short term and long term Melbourne Airport Parking. Since 1997, we have prided ourselves on friendly, motivated team members delivering you convenience and value in a parking service.

Do you have to be a member to use RACV parking?

Gain access to RACV’s great member benefits. Purchase an eligible RACV product and become a member. Great value for money, with 24-hour access year-round, Busy Beaver Parking is always staffed and monitored by CCTV to secure your car.

Is there free parking at Jetport in Melbourne?

Long-term and short-term airport parking with the option of shade cloth cover. A free shuttle bus will whisk you to Melbourne Airport. Jetport Security Parking features 24/7 security and cameras to ensure your car stays safe, and continuous shuttle buses to get you to the terminal.