How much was the Columbus Crew stadium?

The $300 million stadium begins a new period for the Columbus Crew — who are coming off of a MLS Cup title in 2020. With the move to downtown Columbus, Ohio State students were still eager to experience the new stadium and watch the team with full capacity of 20,011 fans allowed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who paid for the new Columbus Crew stadium?

A critical part of the new Columbus Crew SC stadium financing has come through: a $25 million, 25-year loan from the state of Ohio. The Ohio Controlling Board this week approved the state Development Services Agency’s request for a loan to Confluence Community Authority, the entity that oversees the stadium.

How many seats will the new Columbus Crew stadium have?

20,371 Field/Capacity

Where are they building the new Crew Stadium?

Astor Park
Where is it? The stadium is on Nationwide Boulevard, a quarter-mile west of Huntington Park in a forthcoming development called Astor Park. Its garage won’t open this year, but the Crew promises 6,300 parking spots within a 10-minute walk.

What are they doing with old Crew Stadium?

The Crew invested $30 million to develop a practice facility on the site. And last month, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther proposrf that taxpayers spend $4 million on design work to convert the grounds of the old Crew stadium into a community sports park.

What happens to the old Crew Stadium?

It primarily served as the home stadium of the Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer from 1999 until 2021 and is the current home of the Crew’s training facility, the OhioHealth Performance Center. In December of 2020, the deal expired and the Crew renamed the stadium. The listed seating capacity is 19,968.

Is Columbus Crew moving to Austin?

Of course, the Crew didn’t move to Austin in the end. Instead, MLS took the only option that made sense. The Crew will open a new state-of-the-art soccer venue in Columbus’s downtown stadium district in early 2021. Two years after saving the Crew, there’s a new investor/operator in place with a new stadium on the way.

Why is it called lower Com stadium?

New stadium, new era: What Field means to Columbus Crew and their supporters. The Haslam and Edwards families have accomplished a lot since taking ownership of the Columbus Crew on New Year’s Day 2019. Officially safeguarding the founding MLS club’s place in central Ohio.

Is the Columbus Crew getting a new stadium?

The new Crew stadium, named Field, will anchor a new neighborhood, called Astor Park, in the city’s core, while standing out aesthetically from Huntington Park and Nationwide Arena. It will complete an entertainment corridor on Nationwide Boulevard that separates Columbus from other major Midwestern cities.

Is the new Crew Stadium finished?

Construction on the new stadium was originally scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019; groundbreaking was later rescheduled to October 10, 2019. Once the new stadium is complete, Historic Crew Stadium will be redeveloped into the training center of Columbus Crew, as well as a community sports park.

Who owns Mapfre stadium?

The current seating capacity for a soccer game is 19,968. After nearly 15 years of the stadium not having a corporate sponsor, the Crew announced naming rights were sold to Madrid-based insurance company Mapfre on March 3, 2015.

How old is Mapfre stadium?

22c. 1999
Historic Crew Stadium/Age