How old is Kim Gravel now?

50 years (July 27, 1971)
Kim Gravel/Age

Where is Kim Gravel now?

metro Atlanta
Kim lives in metro Atlanta with husband Travis and her two young boys, Beau and Blanton.

Is Kim Gravel a QVC host?

WEST CHESTER, Pa. TV personality, style expert and entrepreneur, Kim Gravel, will host the weekly talk show on Saturday evenings at 9PM EST, premiering August 10 and continuing for a four-episode series on Saturday nights. …

Who Kim gravels mother?

Jo Hardee
Kim Gravel/Mothers

Who is Kim Gravel sister?

Allisyn Varalla
Kim Gravel/Sisters

Who is Kim Gravel husband?

Travis Gravelm. 2001
Kim Gravel/Husband

Does Kim Gravel still own the pageant place?

Allisyn was recently named as The Brand Ambassador for Belle by Kim Gravel exclusive on QVC. Allisyn’s expertise is interview preparation and on-stage presence. She currently owns and operates The Pageant Place where she coaches over 150 girls nationwide.

Does Kim Gravel sing?

She succeeded in garnering an impressive fortune from her fruitful career history. Kim Gravel has an average height with an attractive body figure. Kim, right from a young age, has always had a great interest in singing.

How old is Addison Wingate now?


Addison Wingate
Nickname Addie
Gender Female
Age 22
Birthday October 14,1999

How old is Addison Kim?


Addison Wingate
Age 22
Birthday October 14,1999
Hometown Vidalia, Georiga
Professional Status

Where does Kim Gravel and her husband live?

Before Travis Gravel became her husband, he worked as a model for a brief period. Kim Gravel, her husband, and their family live in Atlanta. Seun is a CCNA certified graduate of FUTA.

Who is Kim Gravel on the Steve Harvey show?

Kim Gravel is an entrepreneur, tv personality, public speaker and industry leader, but most of all she has a passion for people and seeing them rise. Her authentic, common-sense style has resulted in Kim being one of the most booked guests on The Steve Harvey Show and starring in the hit weekly docu-series “Kim of Queens” on the Lifetime Network.

How old is Kim Gravel from QVC show?

Gravel appears on QVC and QVC2 with her Belle by her and Belle Beauty products. Kim Gravel Age and Birthday Kim was born on July 27, 1971, in Carolina, United States of America.

Who is Kim of Queens married to now?

In addition, Kim’s Instagram wall is filled with pictures of flaunting fashionable accessories. In fact, she even served as a makeup artist for Christian Dior so it’s obvious that she would have a great sense of fashion. Kim of Queens star, Kim Gravel is a married woman.