How session management is done?

Session management refers to the process of securely handling multiple requests to a web-based application or service from a single user or entity. Websites and browsers use HTTP to communicate, and a session is a series of HTTP requests and transactions initiated by the same user.

Can we use session in WCF service?

In WCF, session is the way of managing the services instance(s) so that server can used these instances in an optimized way. At server side InstanceContext class is used to manage service class instance.

What is session management testing?

These mechanisms are known as Session Management. In this test, the tester wants to check that cookies and other session tokens are created in a secure and unpredictable way. An attacker who is able to predict and forge a weak cookie can easily hijack the sessions of legitimate users.

Which of the following is used for session migration?

Correct Option: D. Session migration is done by persisting session in database. It can also be done by storing session in memory on multiple servers.

What is session management with example?

For eg. When a User logs into your website, not matter on which web page he visits after logging in, his credentials will be with the server, until he logs out. So this is managed by creating a session. Session Management is a mechanism used by the Web container to store session information for a particular user.

Is WCF stateless or stateful?

2 Answers. Per-call services are the Windows Communication Foundation default instantiation mode. So, by default, WCF services do not maintain state.

Why is session management important?

Session tokens serve to identify a user’s session within the HTTP traffic being exchanged between the application and all of its users. Thus, session management is crucial for directing these web interactions and these tokens are vital as they’re passed back and forth between the user and the web application.

Which is faster and uses less memory?

Answer is DATAREADER as it fetches only one row at a time whereas Dataset stores it as a table as it need much more network resourses.

When destroy method of a filter is called?

The destroy() method is called after the filter has executed doFilter method. The destroy() method is called only once at the end of the life cycle of a filter.

How is a session managed in a WCF server?

WCF manage session by creating the instance of the service class. These created instance(s) handle the incoming service request. In WCF, session is the way of managing the services instance(s) so that server can used these instances in an optimized way.

How is a service instance managed in WCF?

In WCF, there are three Instance Management way as given below: Per Call In this way, each request is served by a new service instance. It means a new service instance is created for each request and destroyed after the request is served. Per Session In this way, each and every client requests are served by a new single service instance.

What does a session do in Windows Communication Foundation?

In Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications, a session correlates a group of messages into a conversation. WCF sessions are different than the session object available in ASP.NET applications, support different behaviors, and are controlled in different ways.

When to call the terminating operation in WCF?

Terminating operations, conversely, are those that must be called as the last message in an existing session. In the default case, WCF recycles the service object and its context after the session with which the service was associated is closed.