How to do a high ponytail with French braids?

This French braided ponytail is patterns of braids all the way down. Start by braiding your hair until you reach a little below the crown area and go for a high ponytail. From the ponytail, divide your hair into segments and start French Braiding.

What’s the best way to wear a French braid?

French Braid Ponytail with Weave A center French braid on top of the head creates a cool design on an otherwise traditional ponytail. Keep it tight for a neater appearance and straighten the rest of your locks for sleekness. 5. French Braided Mohawk Ponytail An elastic hair tie is invisible on this mohawk ponytail with a braid.

What kind of ponytail is best for longer hair?

The triple french braided ponytail hairstyles are best suited for women with longer and thicker hair. Basically, you have to compartmentalize your hair into three sections, braiding them separately and then uniting them together at the nape of your neck for a ponytail.

How are French braids used to make a Mohawk?

Use French braids on either side of the head as a way to create a fake Mohawk. This look brings the drama with a small bump in the front and a bouffant for a voluminous style—a head-turning look for the next time you feel a bit daring.

What kind of Hair do you wear with two French braids?

A seemingly standard high ponytail gets a unique spin when glanced at from a bird’s eye view. This great hairstyle for medium-to-long hair mixes two wide braids and a braided ponytail for an intricate style that almost resembles basket weaving; an ideal two French braid hairstyle for a woman with a keen eye for detail.

What’s the best way to do side braids?

Take your side braids to a whole new level with this girly twist. Start French braiding on the sides and bring each braid towards the center of the back to create two lovely flowers. To top it all off, add small, flower-shaped hair pins in the middle and sprinkle in some glitter for extra glam.