How to do Kirtonos the Herald?

Kirtonos the Herald is the final quest of a series begun by completing a short dialogue with Eva Sarkhoff outside of the Scholomance dungeon in the Western Plaguelands. Players can locate Kirtonos by venturing into Scholomance and clicking on the brazier on the porch area to the right of the second room players enter.

Where is Kirtonos the Herald?

Kirtonos the Herald
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Gahrron’s Withering, Western Plaguelands; Chamber of Summoning, Scholomance (formerly)
Status Active

Where is blood steward of Kirtonos?

The Blood Steward of Kirtonos is a level 43 elite succubus found in the Reliquary in Scholomance.

How do you get blood of innocents?

To complete the quest, you must slay Kirtonos the Herald and return to Eva Sarkhoff. Once you had completed the follow-up quest Kirtonos the Herald the formerly lvl 61 elite succubus Blood Steward of Kirtonos in The Reliquary in Scholomance would always drop the Blood of Innocents.

Can the last Barov be done in a raid?

Can not be completed in a RAID. Barov has a 30 min respawn timer.

How do I get spectral essence?

Spectral Essence is a quest reward from the quest chain starting with Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher given to you by Eva Sarkhoff located in front of the shack in front of Scholomance. On equip, this trinket allows you to see and interact with the ghosts in Caer Darrow.

What does innocent blood mean?

1 not corrupted or tainted with evil or unpleasant emotion; sinless; pure. 2 not guilty of a particular crime; blameless.

Can you solo the last Barov?

He can be solo pulled.

Where is Zaeldarr the outcast?

Eastern Plaguelands
This NPC can be found in Eastern Plaguelands (3).

Where can I find Magnus Frostwake?

Magnus Frostwake is a dwarf ghost blacksmithing and alchemy recipe vendor located in Caer Darrow in the Western Plaguelands.

How do I see the ghosts in Caer Darrow?

If you unequip the first slot item, then equip the spectral essence, while in Caer Darrow, you will get the buff and be able to see the ghosts.

What is considered innocent blood in the Bible?

They are referred to as “Innocents.” These Innocents did nothing to create themselves and are not to blame. Many Scriptures in the Bible address the “Innocents,” and that word in the Strong’s means “blameless.” Deuteronomy 19:10-that innocent blood be not shed in thy land, which the Lord God giveth thee… Deut.

Where to find kirtonos in World of Warcraft?

Find the porch and place the Blood of Innocents in the brazier. Kirtonos will come to feast upon your soul. Fight valiantly, do not give an inch! Destroy Kirtonos and return to Eva Sarkhoff. This is it, .

What happens to kirtonos in the Herald quest?

Be wary, Kirtonos is a seasoned fighter. With the death of Kirtonos, a chapter in the horrible tale of Scholomance comes to a close. There is, however, more to be done. Others here are now aware of your brave acts. Take this, . It is a piece of our own essence.

Where to find the brazier in kirtonos the Herald?

Go down the stairs, thru the 3 closed gates to the room with the summoners, necros standing around pits of bones, summoning skeletons. There you can go straight on, or to the right, go to the right and you can see out of scholo, down the stair there you have the brazier.

Where do you get the purest blood for kirtonos?

The purest blood, used to appease Krastinov’s master. It is with this blood that Kirtonos may be summoned. It is with this blood, then, that Kirtonos must be destroyed. Take the blood to the porch.