How to Know You Are Buying OSHA Approved Kn95 Masks

The novel Covid-19 has introduced drastic changes in the way we look and behave. Social distancing has become the new norm, and a global campaign on the importance of regularly disinfecting or washing your hands has already taken shape.

Further, everyone visiting public places or carrying outdoor activities is always encouraged to wear a face mask to curb the spread of the virus. As a result, face masks have flocked the market as everyone finds it the easiest and safest way to cross streets and access the convenience store.

But do you really check whether the mask you are wearing is legit? What do you check? Read on to find out some of the critical features and click here to buy online face mask.

But Why Do I Need A Mask?

It would be best if you had a mask to completely cover your nose and mouth and block respiratory droplets and particles. These droplets may contain the virus hence the need to filter them as you inhale, exhale, talk, sneeze, cough, or talk. Besides, when wearing a mask, you remain protected from respiratory droplets from other people in the street or the bus.

The exposure and the material used will determine the effectiveness of the mask you wear. In addition, you will need to handle the mask well, as any mishandling would infect you or your close ones.

Note that you may need a mask for purposes other than protecting against Covid-19. Some of the other applications include construction sites, laboratories, and engineering.

The Different Types of Masks

Since the demand for face masks remains high, industries have devised ways to offer alternate solutions to protect against infection. Although all the masks cover the mouth and the nose, they differ in other aspects.

  • The face mask covers both the mouth and the nose and lacks the fluid barrier present in other masks. The lack of this barrier significantly affects the mask’s efficiency levels. Most of these masks are made at home or with simple materials from processing industries.

They are ideal for remote places and offer protection in places without alternate face masks. If a face mask is not made for medical purposes, it may not be used in a medical setting. However, the masks may be approved for use according to provisions by the C.D.C.

  • The surgical masks have a physical barrier that provides substantial protection than the face mask. The material used to make a surgical mask is firmer and can block around 60% of the respiratory droplets conveying the Coronavirus. The masks are a more advanced level of the clothe mask as they meet fluid protection standards and pass the inflammability test.

These masks are lighter and easy to use and come in a flat-like shape with earloops on either side. However, the surgical masks do not provide complete protection from the deadly virus and other infections, especially if it is loosely attached to your face.

Therefore, you should be extra careful when wearing your mask to prevent the passage of the respiratory particles. Also, remember to dispose of these masks after every use, as they would be less effective with prolonged use.

  • The respirators include the popular N95 and Kn95. They are known to be the most effective masks if worn and handled correctly. Essentially, these masks provide about 95 % protection from Covid-19, meaning that they block 95% of airborne particles from coming into contact with your mouth and nose.

At some point in the pandemic’s peak, the W.H.O restricted using these types of masks only to first responders and health care workers to address the shortage. This shows that respirators are the most reliable and efficient protection against bacteria and viruses.

Can I Wear A KN95 Mask?

The C.D.C has so far eased the restriction on these masks as more productions have occurred and the healthcare system’s pressure has somehow reduced. However, the increased production has also seen the entry of counterfeit masks that leave unsuspecting public members exposed to the deadly virus.

The best thing to remain safe would be to understand things to check to find out whether your mask is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved. In this case, you wouldn’t mind the vendor as long as you know what you are looking for.

Features of OSHA Approved KN95 Masks for Sale

The Kn95 mask you choose should be clearly labeled to show that it is certified and approved by the relevant authorities. The first thing an approved mask should have is the approval number from OSHA. OSHA’s logo or name should also be visible on the mask. Most importantly, you should see the filter class and efficiency level of the mask.

The Kn95 face masks have been shown to provide exceptional protection against the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the protection is complemented by your adherence to other health protocols offered. The most important thing is to check whether the mask you buy or wear is approved by the relevant authorities