How would incorrect adjustment of the throttle cable affect transmission operation?

When the throttle valve cable is out of specification, the transmission can shift early, shift late or not shift at all. Before the throttle valve cable can be adjusted, the transmission must be in good working order. Warning: Improperly adjusting the throttle valve cable can cause extensive damage to the transmission.

How do I adjust my 47RE pressure?

To turn up the line pressure, you need to drop the pan and turn the pressure adjustment allen-head bolt clockwise 1-2 turns. While you’re in there, make sure all the hex head bolts are tight and readjust the low/reverse band.

Is a TV cable the same as a kickdown cable?

“Kickdown” and “TV” cables aren’t really the same thing. Let’s take it from the top: Many old-school automatic transmissions use both a governor and a vacuum modulator to help regulate automatic shift timing. The governor works off of vehicle speed and engine rpm.

Can you run a 700R4 without a TV cable?

There are no TV cable, mechanical speedometer drive, or governor provisions. To run a 700-R4 trans behind a carbureted engine without a computer, at the very least the TV cable must be hooked up to the carburetor and properly adjusted.

How do you know when to replace throttle cable?

Poor full throttle operation may be a sign that the throttle cable has too much slack. An engine that is difficult to control or has an erratic idle may indicate that there is not enough throttle cable slack. We’ll be replacing the throttle cable on this used CRF450R.

How do I know if my throttle cable is bad?

Signs of a bad accelerator cable

  1. The pedal feels stiff or hard to depress.
  2. The pedal sticks and does not release normally.
  3. There is slack in the pedal’s movement.
  4. There is a rough or abnormally low idle.
  5. The engine stalls.
  6. There is a delay in response when you push the pedal down.

How do I increase transmission pressure?

It can breath new life into old transmissions with sagging pressure regulator springs, or provide extra clutch and band apply pressure in hard-working units. Raising line pressure is typically done by using a stronger pressure regulator spring, installing a larger boost valve or doing both.

How do I increase the pressure on my 48re?

Registered. On my ATS transmission you turn the valve body adjustment screw (there are 2 of them) one full turn counterclockwise to achieve about 10psi increase of pressure. By increasing pressure you may cause the transmission to shift sooner into each gear. That is where the second adjustment screw comes into play.

What does a kickdown cable do on transmission?

One component that helps both drive systems communicate is the kickdown cable. This device helps the engine relay information on revolutions per minute (RPM) to the automatic transmission and essentially tells it that it’s time to shift gears.

What kind of transmission does Ram 618 47rh have?


How to adjust the front band on a ram 618?

Install the new BD strut with taper side down, towards the pan, and centered in the guides. Torque the band adjustment to 72 inch pounds, then back out 2 ¼ turns and tighten lock nut. The round end of the enclosed micro-hockey stick tool can also be used as a feeler gauge to set the front band adjustment.

How do you change the transmission on a ram truck?

Rotate the shift lever to the rear of the vehicle to place the transmission in the PARK position. 7. Loosen the shift lever bolt then rotate the lever towards the front of the truck shifting the transmission into 1st / LOW position.