How would you describe Bayawan City?

Bayawan City also called the “Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental” is situated in the South West of Negros Oriental. Bayawan is a coastal city, opening onto the Sulu Sea to the South. It lies about 100 kilometers southwest of Dumaguete City, the provincial capital of the Negros Oriental province.

What is Bayawan City known for?

Bayawan is not only known as the Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental but also it is known as the rice granary of the south of Negros. At the same time, in line with agriculture, the farmers planted coconut, corn and sugar canes and other crops which is really abundant every year.

What is the province of Bayawan City?

Negros Oriental

Bayawan Tolong
Region Central Visayas
Province Negros Oriental
District 3rd district
Founded 1872

How Bayawan got its name?

How Bayawan Got Its Name. It was in 1751 when the Spanish friars first established their settlement. From the former name “Tolong”, it was changed to Bayawan in a tragic tale that involved a “Bukidnon”, the so-called natives of Bayawan and a priest.

What is Pasayaw festival?

The Pasayaw Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in the city of Canlaon, Negros Oriental. This colorful festival showcases the different vegetables and crops accompanied by the rhythmic Latin or Samba beat to express their thanksgiving for another year of bountiful harvest.

Who is the mayor of Bayawan City?

Bayawan City (Tulong)

Income Class 2nd
No. of Barangays 28

What is the zip code of Dumaguete City?


Location Zip Code
Dumaguete City 6200
Guihulngan 6214
Jimalalud 6212
La Libertad 6213

Is Pasayaw a religious festival?

The Pasayaw Festival is known as a traditional festival that combines history, religious traditions and social cultural materials with a touch of myth of two ill-starred lovers, namely Kan and Laon, who portray the triumph over violence and death.

What is Bugwas festival?

BUGWAS FESTIVAL Photo from: Bugwas festival is San Juan’s way of celebrating a bountiful and abundant harvest in honor of their patron saint, St. Augustine. Bugwas means a spurt of water coming from an underground source, which flows freely in the open ground.

How long is Bayawan Boulevard?

DPWH did not offer a specific timeline on the boulevard’s completion but noted that it has accomplished around 5 kilometers out of the 8-kilometer target. Bayawan City in Negros Oriental currently holds the record for PH’s longest boulevard.

What is the zip code of General Santos City?

General Santos

General Santos Dadiangas
ZIP code 9500
PSGC 126303000
IDD : area code +63 (0)83
Climate type tropical rainforest climate