Is agency 888 good?

I highly recommend Agency 888! They are very welcoming and try their hardest to book you in any work for movie, TV, commercial. Etc. I was referred to Agency888 by a good friend that has been in many films with Agency888 as his agent.

How do you know if an acting agency is legit?

The best way to determine if a casting agency is legit is to visit their website, social media pages, IMDb, or any other links showing evidence of their past work.

Do talent agencies ask for money?

Ask for up-front money, which may be called “registration,” “consultation,” or “administrative” fees. Legitimate agents work on a commission. They don’t get any money until you get paid for doing the work they have obtained for you. Pressure you to leave a check or cash deposit or sign a contract immediately.

Is NexGen talent legit?

If you love to perform in front of a live audience, then NexGen UK is a reliable talent agency that helps young talents to showcase their skills on global platforms. Write an email to us at [email protected] to connect with our experts who can help you with industry knowledge applications to guide your dream.

Who is Margot Robbie’s agent?

Aran Michael Management
Margot Robbie Agent – Aran Michael Management.

Is casting talent good?

Casting Talent Online is a Legit Company. But do not expect you to make a leaving out of it as an extra or supporting artist.

What agency is Margot Robbie signed to?

How long has agency 888 been in business?

Agency 888 has been a global provider of talent for over 25 years. We work with you to develop your creative career, by investing in your talent, nurturing your creative goals and protecting you financially on your jorney.

Who is the talent management firm 888 Inc?

– Agency888Inc. 888 inc Is a trusted talent management firm that represents ACTORS and PRESENTERS across FILM, TV, COMMERCIALS and COMMERCIAL MODELLING. Seeking representation?

Who are the clients of 888inc in Queensland?

Here is a selection of clients we have helped in the past with their various projects. With over 20 credits in Television, Feature Films and Commercials, Kim is the latest Queensland’s sweetheart! Since joining 888‘s team a few years ago, we have seen Kim’s career soar and we’re very so proud to represent her.

Who are the actors in the 888 advert?

Agency 888 works across all forms of media! Our team of experienced bookers have specialist knowledge in Film, TV and Commercial Advertising. We select the most qualified actors and provide them at competitive prices, meeting your budget for every project. If you are looking for Actors, presenters or performers, please contact us.