Is amnesia anime worth watching?

I love the concept of Amnesia, but I wish it could have been pulled off better and with further character development. I really love this anime. Yes, it’s very confusing, but that is what makes it a good anime. In my opinion, all of the confusion is making us WANT to watch more.

Who does the girl from amnesia end up with?

She is the childhood friend of Shin and Toma who asked the two to marry her, but Toma said it’s not possible for both of them to marry her and she had to choose one of them. As a young child, she chose to marry Shin when they got older.

Does amnesia anime have ova?

The OVA for Amnesia, following on from the first season, we’re left with some questions. I’m here in hope that they’ll be answered for me, or at least one of them. The OVA is good, but it’s just a usual side story.

What genre of anime is amnesia?

The series is based off a Japanese visual novel of the same named produced by Idea Factory. The game is considered of the otome genre and thus is targeted towards more of the female audience.

What is the ending of amnesia anime?

Everything that killed Ukyo happened to the heroine and that’s how he knew the danger before it could get to her. At the end Ukyo ended up stabbing himself to save Heroine so she could live last August 25th. Once his wish was finally granted him and Heroine was able to return to their original worlds.

Is Toma a Yandere?

Toma is very kind but can be overprotective at times. He shows signs of being a Yandere. Due to all the bullying by Ikki’s fangirls, Toma gets increasingly paranoid to the point that he cages the heroine so that she would not get hurt. He deeply cares for her both as an older brother figure and as a lover.

What is wrong with Tasi in amnesia?

Tasi appears to suffer from necrophobia, as she starts suffering effects similar to Daniel and Justine’s insanity upon witnessing corpses along her travels.

How old is Ukyo in amnesia?


Age 24(?)
Birthday March 3
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Do you have amnesia?

Symptoms of amnesia. The primary symptom of amnesia is memory loss or inability to form new memories. If you have amnesia, you will have difficulty recalling facts, events, places, or specific details. The details can range from what you ate this morning to the name of the current president.

Can amnesia be cured?

Amnesia is caused by brain damage. There’s currently no treatments that can essentially cure amnesia, but instead treatments concentrate on condition management. Treatment focuses on therapies and techniques that help improve quality of life.

Does amnesia anime have a good ending?

It was based off of the game. You were the one who was able to choose which route so in the end it’s a happy ending for whoever you chose and Heroine regained her memories. In the anime you didn’t know what happened to Orion and Neil since because of the ending.

Does amnesia have a happy ending?

The good ending in Amnesia: Rebirth will have you find a suitable and happy ending in this horror game, after spending the entire game trying to save the life of your child, the good ending lets Tasi and Amari be together.