Is an old Honda Pan European a good buy?

For anyone looking for a long-distance tool the Honda ST1100 Pan European is probably one of the safest bets around. The only problem is availability – owners rate them so highly that low-mileage machines are rarer than hen’s teeth.

What is the horsepower of a Honda ST 1300?

The 2016 Honda ST1300 will be powered by an 90° V-four DOHC liquid-cooled engine with total displacement of 1261 cc….Honda ST 1300 Pan European.

Make Model Honda ST 1300 Pan European
Max Power 124.7 hp / 91.0 kW @ 8000 rpm
Max Torque 125 Nm / 92.2 ft-lb @ 6000 rpm
Clutch Wet, multiple discs, cable operated
Transmission 5 Speed

How much is a Honda ST 1300?

While the biggest bike of the pack goes for over $23,000, the price of the Honda ST1300 goes for less than 19,000.

What does Pan European mean?

: of, relating to, or involving all or most of the nations of Europe a Pan-European economic union.

Is ST1300 fuel injected?

Honda’s latest programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) and electronic digital ignition maximize power output and provide immediate throttle response. All-new aluminum frame combines optimal rigidity and tuned flex to produce excellent handling, superb riding comfort and wonderful road feel.

Does Honda still make st 1300?

Its successor, the ST1300, (also called the “Pan-European” in Europe), was introduced in 2002, becoming available in the US in 2003. Production continued through the 2012 model year.

What is the weight of a Honda ST 1300?


Manufacturer Honda
Dimensions L : 2,282 mm (89.8 in) W : 935 mm (36.8 in) (including panniers) H : 1,332 mm (52.4 in)
Seat height 790 mm (31 in) ± 15 mm (0.59 in)
Weight Standard 286 kg (631 lb) ABS 289 kg (637 lb) (dry) Standard 326 kg (719 lb) ABS 331 kg (730 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity 29 L (6.4 imp gal; 7.7 US gal)

Which countries are Pan-European?

Our network unites 46 member organisations from 28 countries of which 23 are in the European Union: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Are Honda st1300 fuel injected?

When did the Honda ST1300 Pan European come out?

2002: Honda ST1300 Pan European as replacement for Honda ST1100 Pan European. 2011: Honda refine range to ST1300A Pan European Honda ST1300 Pan European ABS: Anti-lock braking system fitted as standard alongside CBS. 52 owners have reviewed their HONDA ST1300 PAN EUROPEAN (2002 – on) and rated it in a number of areas.

What kind of engine does the Honda ST1300 have?

Engine 5 out of 5. The Honda ST1300 Pan European’s DOHC V4 is the last of the great Honda V4s – and with its trademark smooth, turbine-like power, there’s no mistaking it for anything else. Any gear, any time the Honda ST1300 Pan European is ready for action with no fuss, just effortless delivery.

When did the Honda ST1300 police motorcycle come out?

The inquest was told the problems affected only police motorcycles which have been specially fitted with heavy emergency and communications equipment, which altered the centre of gravity. The ST1300 was released in the UK in March 2002 and the police model was delivered in November 2002.

What kind of weave mode does Honda ST1300 have?

Evidence indicates the ST1300 can exhibit a weave instability mode at high speed — known in the case of the ST1300 as Pan Weave .