Is Athangudi tiles expensive?

Cost-wise, both coloured oxide flooring and Athangudi tiles are economical and can even be cheaper than some vitrified tiles. ft, Athangudi tiles cost Rs. 100-120 per sq. ft.”

Is Athangudi tiles good for health?

Athangudi tiles also possess added health benefits. They aid in preventing joint pains and protect our feet from heel fissures. They are suitable for any kind of conditions and hence can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What is special in Athangudi tiles?

Athangudi tiles are basically cement tiles like mosaic, but unlike the machine pressed and produced mosaics, they are handmade over glass surfaces. During the early days of their production, they were patronised more by the rich, being a costlier option and newer technology in those days.

How do you maintain Athangudi tiles?

How are Athangudi Tiles maintained?

  1. The tile responds well to use. The more you walk on it, the shinier it gets. Non usage may dull the tile.
  2. Regular cleaning should do. You can even wash the floors. Once a week, mop the floor with a mixture of water and 10-15 drops of coconut oil.

Which type of tiles is best for floor?

For flooring, Vitrified tiles are the best bet since they are durable and can withstand heavy traffic. For walls, you can choose either ceramic or porcelain tiles as they are non-porous or do not absorb stains. For outdoors it’s best to opt for either matt finish or anti-skid tiles to avoid slips.

Which type of flooring is best in India?

Types of best flooring for house in India

  1. Marble. Marble flooring adds a classy touch.
  2. Vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles for a clean look.
  3. Vinyl. Vinyl is a warm flooring material.
  4. Hardwood. Ideal for classic interiors.
  5. Indian Patent Stone. A concrete look alike flooring.
  6. Laminate. Laminate flooring resembles wood.

Are Athangudi tiles durable?

The Athangudi tiles are ready made tiles brought directly for laying and easy to install. They are ecofriendly, durable over decades and financially affordable. In designs and finish, quality Athangudi tiles can match any of the modern available tiles.

Which is the nearest airport to Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu?

The meter gauge section between Karaikudi and Pattukottai (part of the Karaikudi – Thiruvarur section) has been taken up for conversion into Broad Gauge and therefore traffic has been stopped in this section from March 15, 2012. Nearest airport – ( IATA: TRZ) Tiruchirapalli International Airport (90 km)and Madurai Airport (90 km).

Which is the bus from Bengaluru to Karaikudi?

Bangalore (Bengaluru) to Karaikudi Bus Timings & Fare Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration RKT Tours and Travels 07:15 21:30 9 hrs 45 mins KPN Travels 20:30 21:00 12 hrs 7 mins MJT Travels 09:30 21:30 8 hrs 45 mins Sri renganathan travels 10:00 21:30 9 hrs 0 mins

Which is the most famous place in Karaikudi?

Krishnamurthy Perumal Kovil – Lord Siva & Perumal Placed together – religious place, Hindu Temple (0 km). Karaikudi is famous for Chettinadu cuisine. Also Paniyaram and its different varieties are to be tasted. Hotel Annapoorna, Near Old Bus Stand.