Is Aurora College a university?

Explore Aurora College Aurora College is a public college delivering adult and post-secondary education programs at three campuses and through a network of community learning centres.

What is Aurora College known for?

Aurora University is a four-year, private, nonprofit, accredited higher education institution offering students an excellent education. Plus One graduate programs, which allow students to earn a master’s degree in just one year. Online bachelor’s and graduate degrees and endorsement programs through AU Online.

How do I apply for Aurora College?

Many applications for Aurora College programs can now be completed online.

  1. [email protected],
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected],
  4. or contact your local Community Learning Centre to request a paper application.

Is there a college in Yellowknife?

Aurora College
Yellowknife/Colleges and Universities
Aurora College, formerly Arctic College, is a college located in the Northwest Territories, Canada with campuses in Inuvik, Fort Smith and Yellowknife. They have learning centres in 23 communities in the NWT.

What division is Aurora lacrosse?

Midwest Lacrosse Conference
Aurora University is located in Aurora, IL and the Lacrosse program competes in the Midwest Lacrosse Conference (MLC) conference.

Are there universities in Nunavut?

Nunavut Arctic College
Nunavut/Colleges and Universities

Why is Aurora University a good school?

Aurora University stands out from other schools because it is truly a student-focused community. Every turn, you have a collection of individuals cheering and encouraging you both academically and personally! As soon as I stepped onto campus, I knew AU was special! Everyone I met was so inviting and wanted to help.

Does Aurora College have dorms?

Housing space on the Aurora University campus is limited. As such, residence hall housing is reserved primarily for first-time freshman students and current residence hall occupants who want to return for another year. The University reserves the right to deny on-campus housing and recommend alternative options.

Is there a university in the Northwest Territories?

Aurora CollegeFort Smith
Aurora College Thebacha CampusFort SmithAurora College, AuroraInuvik
Northwest Territories/Colleges and Universities

There is only one post-secondary institution in the NWT: Aurora College. The former Arctic College was split into Aurora College and Nunavut Arctic College when Nunavut Territory was created in 1999. Aurora College has campuses in Inuvik, Fort Smith and Yellowknife.

What is the tuition at Aurora University?

25,060 USD (2019 – 20)
Aurora University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

What division is Aurora?

NCAA Division III
Aurora University fields 22 NCAA Division III intercollegiate athletic teams, 11 each for men and women. Approximately 40 percent of the student population participates in intercollegiate sports.

Is Aurora University Expensive?

The overall cost for on-campus students to attend Aurora in 2019 – 2020 was $38,798. By their senior year, that cost will be approximately $45,065 for a bachelor degree candidate ($42,445 for an associate degree candidate) for a total of $172,438 over the course of four years ($83,638 over the course of two years).

Where is the Aurora College campus in Yellowknife?

Bag 9700, 5004-54th Street, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2R3 Phone: (867) 920-3030 • Fax: (867) 873-0333 Aurora College’s Urban Campus Situated on the Northern shore of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife (Sǫ̀mbak’è) is the capital of the Northwest Territories.

What does Aurora College do for a living?

A vibrant northern college committed to excellence in education and research, Aurora College strives to demonstrate leadership in the delivery of relevant and meaningful education and research rooted in strong connections to Northern land, tradition, community and people.

What kind of Grant does Aurora College get?

Your tremendous accomplishments make all Northerners proud. 2020 & 2021 Innovative Alternative Energy Project in Inuvik Receives $95,000 Federal Grant One of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges for fifth year in a row Aurora College signs MOU with Dechinta Institute for Research and Learning, and Collège nordique francophone.