Is Burgas safe?

Burgas is generally safe city. However some common sense guidelines should be kept in mind when you travel especially in summer. In summer the pickpocketing is more common because a lot of pickpockets from the country come to take advantage of the tourists. Keep your money and purse close by.

How do I get from Sofia to Burgas?

The best way to get from Sofia to Burgas is to bus which takes 5h and costs $13 – $20. Alternatively, you can train, which costs $10 – $16 and takes 5h 52m.

Is Bulgaria rich or poor?

Bulgaria has a well-educated workforce, but it is considered the poorest nation in the European Union. Among the challenges it faces are perceived problems of corruption and organized crime.

What is the religion of Bulgaria?

The constitution recognizes Eastern Orthodox Christianity as the country’s “traditional” religion, and the law exempts the Bulgarian Orthodox Church (BOC) from registration.

How much is a taxi from Bourgas Airport to Sunny Beach?

How much is the taxi fare to and from Burgas and Sunny Beach? The price of a taxi to Burgas is 30 Bulgarian lev (15 euros), with a taxi journey taking 10 to 15 minutes. The price for a taxi ride between Burgas Airport and Sunny Beach is 80 BGN (40 euros).

Is Sunny Beach expensive?

Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach is the cheapest European resort for UK travellers, an analysis of 20 seaside haunts suggests. Portugal’s Algarve was next cheapest, followed by Marmaris in Turkey. Sorrento in Italy was the most expensive of the featured destinations, with prices three times more expensive than in Sunny Beach.

Is Sunny Beach Nice?

It’s more of a relaxed nightlife than some of the other European resorts. There arn’t many super clubs, the nightlife is a lot more relaxed with beach bars etc. The good thing about SB is the variety of nationalities and relaxed atmosphere and prices.

Are there beaches in Bulgaria?

If you are looking for a summer holiday at a reasonable price and with more to offer than just the beach, Bulgaria is place for you. Its Black Sea coast stretches from north to south with a variety of beaches, some family friendly, some famous for their parties and some absolutely isolated and wild.

How do you get from Sofia to Sunny Beach?

The best way to get from Sofia to Sunny Beach (Station) is to bus via Burgas South which takes 7h 16m and costs $15 – $75.